Asbestos surveys London

Asbestos Surveys in London

Are you looking for Asbestos Surveys in London and the South-East? Need a professional Asbestos Consultant to conduct the asbestos survey? Then Armco Asbestos Consultants can help.

As professional Asbestos Consultants in London, we offer Asbestos Testing, Asbestos management surveys, asbestos refurbishment surveys and Asbestos demolition surveys as well as Asbestos awareness training in and around the city of London to look for asbestos containing materials.

Perhaps you require an asbestos survey before buying, selling or leasing a property, or you’re a building manager and you need to comply with your duty to manage any known existing asbestos.  Then you will require what is known as an asbestos management survey, which is one of the types of surveys we provide in London. 

Or maybe you plan on refurbishing or demolishing a building in London?  It’s a legal requirement that you have an asbestos refurbishment survey or asbestos demolition survey carried out before any work commences on site so as not to put workers and the general public at risk of asbestos exposure.

Whatever the reason for requiring any type of asbestos surveys London, get in touch today and see how we can help.

Call us on 0203 793 3078 and our friendly team will be happy to help you.

Asbestos inspection & report London

Asbestos surveys and inspections can be conducted on all kinds of residential and commercial properties, large or small, in and around the city of London and surrounding areas.

Every asbestos survey will include a detailed asbestos report which you will receive a few days after the asbestos survey has been conducted showing you any asbestos materials.

Our asbestos report will highlight if there is any asbestos in the property, the type(s) of asbestos and any recommendations going forward, for example, if removal is required.

We have over 15 years of experience dealing with asbestos and conducting surveys as both asbestos surveyors and trainers in London.

As London Asbestos Consultants, an asbestos surveyor will provide fast and efficient service and are proud to offer the most competitive prices for asbestos surveys in London in the UK.  

With our wealth of experience and expertise, you’re in safe hands when it comes to asbestos surveys in London.

Some of our recent work in London

Here are just a few of the asbestos surveys that we have conducted recently:-

Asbestos Sampling & Testing London

As well as providing asbestos surveys, we also conduct asbestos sampling and asbestos testing in London as a standalone service to determine asbestos risk.

If you don’t actually require a full asbestos survey report and just need some suspect material to be tested for asbestos, then this service is ideal for you.

Perhaps you’re concerned you may have an asbestos ceiling in your garage or somewhere else in your home, but you want to be sure.

Then you will require our asbestos sampling and testing service.  An asbestos surveyor will take 2 asbestos samples of the suspect material for you and send them to an independent UKAS-accredited laboratory to be tested for asbestos. 

The results will be compiled into an asbestos testing report.  The cost for this asbestos sampling and testing service with a report is from £175+ VAT and £25 per any additional sample.

You will usually receive the asbestos sampling results in 24-48 hours after the samples have been taken.

If the samples do come back as testing positive for asbestos, we will advise you on how best to manage it if you plan to leave it in situ, or, if you intend to do any renovations or DIY that will disturb or cause damage to the area, then we can refer you onto a reputable asbestos removal company in London who can safely remove it for you. 

Book an asbestos survey

Need to book one of our asbestos surveys, inspections or an asbestos testing report in London for your property? 

Speak to our team now at 0203 793 3078 or use the contact form on this page if you require any more information on our London asbestos surveys and we’ll call you back.

Or perhaps you’d just like some friendly advice from an Asbestos Consultant?

If you have a query, we will do our best to help you. Get in touch today for all queries regarding asbestos management surveys in London. 

Asbestos awareness training

We also provide comprehensive asbestos training courses such as asbestos awareness. We’ve provided training to thousands of companies across the UK, both large and small, enabling them to deal with certain aspects of asbestos themselves. Head on over to our asbestos training website for more details and information on our asbestos training courses.

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