Duty to Manage Asbestos – Asbestos Register Assessments

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The ‘Duty to Manage Asbestos’ is contained in Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulation 2012. It requires that a Duty Holder be appointed and they are responsible to:

In order to comply with the regulations it is required that a Management Asbestos Survey be implemented on all areas of the property in question. Here at Armco we have over 15 years industry experience and are fully qualified and competent in undertaking asbestos surveys of all kinds, on any type and size of property throughout the UK. You will be provided with an Asbestos Management Report which contains an Asbestos Register.

As you can see from this list above, the responsibilities of the Duty Holder are extensive and include ensuring the Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) are monitored in line with the recommendations in the register. This is at least yearly, but can be less. The inspection is to ascertain the condition of the material and use of the area in which it can be found.

Here at Armco we are able to provide you with this service at a very competitive price, which means that not only are you complying with the regulation but you can have peace of mind that the inspection has been carried out by a qualified, reputable, time-served and friendly surveyor. Trust in Armco to identify and manage any asbestos related risks to your staff, customers and the general public. Call the office for further details: 0161 763 3727.



Published Jul 25, 2012

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