Asbestos Management Surveys

What are Asbestos Management Surveys?

Asbestos management surveys are the standard type of asbestos survey that you will require to fulfill your legal duty (under Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012) to manage asbestos if you are responsible for maintaining a property (either commercial or non commercial).

They are usually carried out on larger premises where there are more than 25 employees.

The main purpose of asbestos management surveys is to identify and manage asbestos containing materials (ACM) during the everyday use and occupation of the building which could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy, which includes general maintenance, and to verify their condition.

The aim of our asbestos management surveys

Asbestos management surveys aim to ensure that:-

Our asbestos management surveys will locate ACM that could be disturbed or damaged by everyday activities and any foreseeable property maintenance, or by installing new equipment.

It involves minor examinations, intrusions and disturbances to make a materials assessment.

The Asbestos Surveyor will take samples of the suspected asbestos materials away to be tested.

This will show us the ability of the asbestos containing material, if disturbed, to release fibers into the air.

We may need to be provided with the site layout, building plans & specifications along with any historical documentation of asbestos work.

Asbestos management surveys will identify hazardous asbestos containing materials as in the photos below:-

Asbestos management surveys - Torn asbestos pipe lagging
Torn asbestos pipe lagging
Asbestos management surveys - Damaged asbestos panelling
Damaged asbestos panelling
Asbestos management surveys - Asbestos Floor Tiles
Asbestos Floor Tiles

Our asbestos survey report

After the completion of one of our asbestos management surveys, we will provide you with a detailed asbestos report covering:-

Our asbestos report will state where the Surveyor did not survey or take a sample. 

Any areas that our Surveyor could not gain access to in order to take samples or survey should be presumed to contain asbestos.

One thing to note however, is that where more extensive work is likely to be carried out, our asbestos management surveys may not provide all the required information, and a more in-depth examination of the area in the form of an asbestos refurbishment /demolition survey will be required for all work which may disturb the fabric of the building. Especially in areas where the asbestos management survey has not been as intrusive.

Asbestos risk register and management plan

Upon completion of one of our asbestos management surveys and accompanying report, you will be able to use the information to compile an asbestos risk register for the premises.

An asbestos risk register is an important part of the asbestos management plan and will detail exactly where any asbestos is located within the building and also where it is presumed to be following one of our asbestos management surveys.

This asbestos management plan must contain up to date information about the presence of asbestos in the building and the condition that it’s in.

Therefore, it is vital that the asbestos risk register is regularly updated on an annual basis as an absolute minimum.

In order to do this, you will have to ensure you do the following:-

Your asbestos risk register can be either a paper or electronic document, whichever is your preference, as the most important thing is to keep a record.

And it must be very easily accessible and kept up to date as outlined above.

Any tradesmen or maintenance workers visiting the site will need to have a paper copy of the asbestos risk register given to them before they commence any work.

A paper copy will provide them with vital information of where any asbestos is located and what condition it’s in so they are made completely aware and can take steps to ensure they work safely and don’t disturb any asbestos.

For very large premises such as schools, hospitals and commercial premises with over 25 employees, and where there are large amounts of asbestos materials, then an electronic copy is recommended as it’s much easier to update.

For a good example of a completed asbestos risk register, please follow this link.

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Asbestos sampling & testing

Don’t require one of our full asbestos management surveys? Just want some suspect material to be tested for asbestos? We provide an asbestos sampling and asbestos testing service where samples can be taken from your property by one of our asbestos Surveyors and are then sent to a UKAS accredited laboratory to be tested. Contact us to find out more on 0161 763 3727

Asbestos awareness training

Did you know that as well as providing asbestos management surveys, we also offer comprehensive Asbestos Awareness Training? We’ve provided training to thousands of companies through the UK both large and small enabling them to deal with certain aspects of asbestos themselves. We also provide an online asbestos awareness course. See our dedicated training site for more information.

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