What exactly is an Asbestos Management Survey?

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In short an Asbestos Management Survey is a standard survey with the objective of finding any Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) in a building. This helps to identify any ACMs that may be disturbed or damaged and thus causing a serious health hazard to occupants.

These surveys usually involve some small amount of disturbance and intrusive work. The extent if said intrusion varies from premises to premises taking into account the type of building, accessibility and the nature of its construction. Asbestos Management Surveyors will always carry out an assessment of the condition of ACMs and their ability to release asbestos fibres if disturbed or damaged. This assessment is vital as it will give a guide to the priority of managing ACMs as well as giving recommendations as to how they should be dealt with.

The survey involves sampling and analysis to confirm the presence or indeed absence of ACMs. At times the surveyors may presume the presence of asbestos, many successful surveys are completed using both sampling and presuming.

It is worth knowing that if you believe or know that the property contains asbestos then you NEED an inspection carried out and in some cases an inspection cycle may need to be put in place. It is also worth noting that if the property has been built before the year 2,000 (use of asbestos was totally banned partway through 1999) chances are there is asbestos present.

Before removing Asbestos it is a good idea to create a plan which factors in potential disruption of business, removal costs, accommodation of involved parties and replacement of ACMs with non-hazardous materials.

If you are in need of an Asbestos Survey we will be only too happy to oblige, Armco Asbestos Consultants provides competitively priced surveys all around the country, not just management surveys but refurbishment and demolition surveys as well. We also provide training ranging from Asbestos Awareness Training to training for the removal of non-licensable Asbestos containing materials. As well as Face-fit Testing for those who may encounter Asbestos in the workplace.



Published Oct 20, 2014

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