Asbestos related deaths top 5,000 HSE statistics show

Last Updated on 12th April 2022 by Dan

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) have recently published a bunch of statistics giving an insight into the effect that certain things have on workers. One of the things mentioned is Asbestos which is now according to this website killing over 5,000 people a year. That is a worrying amount of people, and even more worrying is the fact that the keeps going up rather than down.

In 2012 there were 2,535 deaths from Mesothelioma alone (cancer of the lining surrounding the lungs) and it has been estimated that there were a similar amount of deaths caused by asbestos related lung cancer. It is worth mentioning here that Mesothelioma normally takes many years to manifest (upwards of 30 in a lot of cases) so in 30 years time when the disease catches up with today’s standards the number is expected to be drastically lower.

Asbestos was totally banned from use in 1999 which means that it is unlikely for any building built after the year 2,000 to contain asbestos. On the other hand however it should be said that any building built before the 2,000s has a good chance of containing asbestos. Asbestos containing materials (ACMs) cause harm when loose fibres are dispersed and inhaled wreaking havoc from the inside of a person. The diseases asbestos causes are very much avoidable with the correct equipment and training which we do provide here at Armco Asbestos. But it is possible that you do not know if there is Asbestos in your property/workplace or if it is even dangerous (I should clarify that whilst all types of Asbestos are dangerous it only when single fibres are released that they can harm you so encased, good condition and unlikely to be disturbed ACMs are sometimes safe to be left alone). It is fairly simple to clarify these problems though and useful and important too ensuring that yourself and you family/friends/employees/customers are safe from harm.

Here at Armco we do these surveys (at a very competitive price) to uncover asbestos within the property whatever it may be, from homes to factories and we have even surveyed schools (did you know that around 75% of schools in the UK contain asbestos, a grim thought). And we also do Refurbishment/Demolition surveys which are important if you’re doing that sort of thing and you expect to encounter Asbestos it’s worth looking into. It could save you a lot of money, peace of mind and it could even save lives.


Published Nov 03, 2014

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