Asbestos refurbishment demolition surveys in Bury

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Asbestos refurbishment demolition surveys in Bury

At Armco we provide Asbestos refurbishment demolition surveys in Bury and across the UK.  There were large amounts of Asbestos used for construction purposes in new and refurbished building up until the year 1999 when Asbestos was banned. If you are planning any minor or major refurbishment, for example, DIY, renovations or upgrades on a building erected before 1999, it is vital that you partake in a refurbishment/demolition.

A refurbishment/demolition survey is the most intrusive as it insists on having all of the Asbestos removed or preserved before any refurbishment can take place, or in the case of demolition it needs to be removed completely. The role of the survey is to locate any Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) in the building so it does not cause any harm.

Refurbishment/demolition surveys are fully intrusive and have aggressive inspection techniques like pulling up carpets and breaking through walls and should only be conducted in unoccupied areas to minimise health risk.

When assessing the need for an Asbestos survey you need to remember that buildings may need more than one Asbestos survey over their life span, and the type of survey needed is likely to vary.

So, how can you tell when a refurbishment/demolition survey is required?

We can help

So; If you are thinking about making any refurbishments no matter how big or small, or making any demolitions to a building that was built pre 2000 and are unsure whether a survey is needed then the answer is YES! We offer both asbestos refurbishment demolition surveys in Bury and also asbestos management surveys.

Alternatively if you know you require a refurbishment/demolition survey on your building or would like to find out more about Asbestos refurbishment demolition surveys in Bury then please don’t hesitate to contact Armco either by telephone on 0161 763 3727 or via our website Based in Bury, Manchester, at Armco we are trained specialists and are passionate about health and safety and keeping you safe, so book your building survey today!

Asbestos training courses

As well as asbestos refurbishment demolition surveys in Bury, Armco also offers training courses in Asbestos Awareness, Working with non licensed Asbestos, RPE Face Fit Testing and Online Courses, available at our office in Bury, Manchester or a location convenient to you. Visit our training website at



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Published Jan 22, 2015

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