Businessman fined for asbestos failure in Colwyn Bay.

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The importance of Asbestos Management Surveys has again emerged from the news of a businessman in Colwyn Bay being fined for not adhering to legislation from the HSE (Health and Safety executive), and causing the spread of the harmful material.

Peter Rees owned a business unit on the Mochdre Business Park and had plans to sell the premises. The company purchasing the building conducted an asbestos survey, resulting in the presence of large amounts of asbestos insulating board.

Mr. Rees knowingly used a general contractor for the deadly asbestos removal from his industrial unit, resulting in contamination, and asbestos dust being spread inside the building causing a great health risk to others. This resulted in a lengthy clean up operation by a professional and fully qualified and authorised contractor.

He was investigated at Llandudno Magistrates Court by the HSE recognising the flaws in his management of the asbestos after a complaint was raised against Mr Rees by a licensed contractor,  after the investigation he pleaded guilty to a single breach of the health and safety work act 1974 and was fined £8000 and ordered to pay £7,400 in costs.

The HSE inspector in the case states that “Anyone who owns or has control of non-domestic premises has a legal duty to manage the risk of asbestos in their buildings. When asbestos is removed, it must be done by someone who is trained and competent to do the work.”

Link to HSE page on asbestos

The legal requirement to undertake Asbestos Management Surveys as duty holders are well known. Asbestos is potentially lethal and it is important that no-one is put at the risk of inhalation of Asbestos as they were in this case. Asbestos Management Surveys are also crucial, to locate and keep the asbestos material in a good condition, making sure they are unlikely to be disturbed and cause heath risks.

Asbestos management surveys - Asbestos Floor Tiles

Asbestos Floor Tiles recorded during an Asbestos Management Surveys

At Armco, we are fully qualified to conduct Asbestos Management Surveys, as well as refurbishment/ demolition surveys, and have over 15 years experience. If you are in need of an Asbestos Survey or unsure whether your premises requires one, we will be only too happy to oblige, you can get in touch us on 0161 763 03727 or fill in our contact form on our website

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Published Jan 23, 2015

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