10 Million Dollar grant to research and combat Asbestos related diseases

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The researchers at the CEET (Centre if Excellence in Environmental Toxicology) over in America have been awarded a $10 million grant to study Asbestos related diseases including Mesothelioma, and come up with treatment and prevention methods as well as to provide greater understanding of the ways Asbestos can harm, and provide further insight into the diseases themselves. Seeing as no-one is quite sure of important factors like how much asbestos is needed to cause a disease, or if there is any viable treatment or perhaps even cure for any of the asbestos related diseases the grant is a much welcome boost in the discovery of such vital information

Asbestos accounts for the deaths of literally thousands of people in the UK alone and whilst you’d think that would be huge news and a massive cause for concern but as the diseases especially Mesothelioma often take a long time to display symptoms it is swept under the rug somewhat.
In light if the governments recent (failed) attempts to lower potential payouts for the Mesothelioma sufferers it is worth mentioning that if someone has worked with asbestos in the past or even in the present without the dangers being explained or being given PPE then they have basis for a claim (assuming quality of life has been affected), although it is now completely illegal to for workers to work on a site which may contain asbestos without the employer providing proper Asbestos Awareness Training (which we can provide click here for more info). Removal of asbestos licensable or not also requires qualification (which we also provide, click here) and proper Face fit testing for masks (again here).
On the subject of laws it is also worthy of note that a building that may contain asbestos which is probably anything built before the year 2000 requires an asbestos survey to identify and locate asbestos so it can dealt with safely without causing a health hazard (and a hefty fine from the HSE). If you are looking to get a property surveyed see above.



Published Oct 17, 2014

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