Unions push for asbestos surveys in schools

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Schools in the UK have been sent urgent warnings by Unions in April 2013, to check whether they have warm air cabinet heaters. Such heaters have the potential to contain dangerous asbestos fibres.

The stark warning follows a case dating back to October 2012, involving a High School in Wales. It was revealed that Cwmcarn High School was closed due to the discovery by HSE, that asbestos fibres were being released from the school’s heaters in the classrooms. The school has since remained closed for over 6 months.

It is therefore imperative that schools have asbestos surveys carried by professional asbestos consultants, to ascertain whether they have warm air cabinet heaters and whether these contain asbestos.

Over 75 per cent of Britain’s state schools contain asbestos, according to the Asbestos in Schools: the need for action report. The report discloses that much of the asbestos is poorly maintained, meaning that children and staff are exposed to this harmful fibre.

The union’s long-term aim is the phased removal of all asbestos from UK schools and colleges.

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Published May 03, 2013

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