Blackpool pub’s license reviewed over asbestos discovery

Last Updated on 12th April 2022 by Dan

The future of The Albert Hotel in Blackpool hangs in the balance after waste asbestos was discovered in the boiler room area of the pub.

During several inspections in February of this year, the pub has been accused of breaking health and safety laws in regards to the asbestos as well as blocked fire exits, fire hazards and filthy conditions.

The pub licence holder, Enterprise Inns, has an agreement with the City of Westminster Council to cover health and safety regulation.

A spokesman for the City of Westminster said the council had agreed a number of policies and procedures with Enterprise Inns.

The council has confirmed that asbestos removal has taken place at the  property, but said it was “unacceptable” contractors had not taken it earlier.

For any asbestos related services required, including asbestos removal and surveying, please contact the Armco office 0161 763 3727.


Published May 10, 2013

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