Newcastle Housing officials investigated over asbestos risk to resident.

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Your Homes Newcastle (YHN) and its contractors stand accused of discovering and then leaving asbestos spores in a family home

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has confirmed it has been informed of the incident on April 12 2013.

It had also been revealed that this is not the first time that YHN have been in communication with HSE.  A HSE spokesman said: “An improvement notice was served on YHN in April 2010 requiring the introduction of a system of management and control to ensure that information on asbestos is passed to the principal contractor.”

The fiasco for the resident of the property Michelle, 28, started when work to replace a gas fire led to plasterer disturbing potentially dangerous asbestos.

The disturbance was then reported to YHN; Michelle states that despite an official arriving on the day of the incident, no attempts to remove or seal the asbestos were made until the following Monday. Leaving Michelle and her child exposed to the asbestos spores.

Out of desperation, Michelle took it upon herself to clear the asbestos in fear for her family’s health. She attempted to vacuum the dust with her vacuum cleaner which was later confiscated due to contamination fears.

On Monday 12th April, YHN carried out air tests, the following day they returned and stripped her living room and kitchen of curtains, blonds, carpets, rugs, her laundry basket and daughter’s trainers amid contamination concerns.

YHN were quizzed as to when the asbestos discovery was first reported and why the fireplace was not sealed and boarded up.

The YHN spokesman said: “These are questions that will be asked as part of that investigation.”

A full investigation has now been launched by YHN into the incident.

Read the full story here:

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Published May 10, 2013

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