Asbestos campaigners call for asbestos removal in UK schools

Last Updated on 13th June 2016 by neil

The Joint Union Asbestos Committee attended an education committee hearing in March 2013  to discuss what can be done about the amount of asbestos in schools.

Michael Lees from the campaign group Asbestos in Schools, was amongst those who attended the committee meeting, to debate the issues surrounding asbestos.

Michael’s wife Gina was a school teacher, who died from mesothelioma, the form of cancer developed from being exposed to asbestos.

The campaigners called for the following actions to be taken:

Currently, seventy five per cent of all schools in the UK have asbestos within their buildings, rising to 90 per cent in parts of Manchester and Wales.


For any enquiries regarding the requirement of asbestos surveys, or any other associated services, contact the Armco team on 0161 763 3727.





Published May 02, 2013

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