Man fined for asbestos fly tipping

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Asbestos fly tipping incident on the Wirral

Shaun Anthony Lay, a 30 year old man from the Wirral, has been fined and issued with a community order for asbestos fly tipping.

Residents of Thatto Heath witnessed Mr Lay dumping a large quantity of asbestos sheeting on the former Royal British Legion site.

They later reported the incident to the local authority after he was seen asbestos fly tipping over a couple of days.

Mr Lay was interviewed by St Helens Council’s Environmental Warden team after he was identified as the driver of the van that was seen by residents at the scene.

As the van was a hire van,  Mr Lay was easily identified as the asbestos fly tipping culprit.

During the interview he exercised his right to remain silent.

He was taken to court in late June 2018 and found guilty on three counts of depositing controlled waste without an environmental permit.

Additionally, he was also found guilty on a further three counts of the disposal of a controlled waste in a manner likely to cause pollution to the environment or harm to human health.

asbestos fly tipping incident on the Wirral

Mr Lay was ordered to pay costs of £2,425 and given 200 hours community service.

Local Councillor, Lynn Clarke, was pleased with the sentence given to Mr Lay and said, “Any fly-tipping offence is a selfish act but this particular case stands out because of the potential health implications it could have had on the community.”

“The council will always actively pursue and seek to prosecute fly-tipping offenders to ensure our residents can live in neighbourhoods they can be proud of.”

“However, in this case, a huge amount of credit deserves to go to the local residents who were influential in supplying the evidence needed in order for justice to be served – and I would encourage other communities around the borough to stand up to this type of behaviour by reporting any incidents they witness to us so that the appropriate action can be taken.”

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