Asbestos in Kent schools

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325 schools in Kent contain asbestos

Asbestos in Kent schools is causing a huge problem for the local authority.

Kent council have had to fork out almost a quarter of a million pounds in asbestos exposure settlements over the last few years.

In total, nine people have claimed against Kent County Council since 2012 after being exposed to asbestos in one of the schools in Kent.

Out of these 9 cases, only 2 have been settled, with the council paying out a total of £222,000.

The local authority have compiled and supplied a list of 325 schools that contain asbestos in Kent.

This list includes schools from across the whole county and details when each school was last inspected for asbestos or when it is due for further inspection.

  Survey Due Asbestos Present
106 Cheriton Road Nov-18 Yes
Aldington PS Aug-20 Yes
All Souls’ CEPS Jul-20 Yes
Ashford Oaks Community PS Sep-20 Yes
Ashford St Mary’s CEPS Jul-20 Yes
Aylesham PS Feb-19 Yes
Bapchild & Tonge CEPS Aug-20 Yes
Barham CEPS Jan-18 Yes
Bean PS Jun-20 Yes
Bethersden PS Sep-20 Yes
Bidborough C of E (VC) PS Jan-19 Yes
Birchington CEPS Oct-20 Yes
Bishops Down PS Sep-20 Yes
Blean PS Jul-20 Yes
Bodsham CEPS Mar-19 Yes
Borden CEPS Jul-20 Yes
Borough Green PS Jul-20 Yes
Boughton Monchelsea PS Jan-21 Yes
Boughton-Under-Blean & Dunkirk PS Nov-18 Yes
Brabourne CEPS Jun-20 Yes
Bredgar CEPS Aug-20 Yes
Bredhurst CEPS Oct-19 Yes
Brenchley & Matfield CofE PS Jan-18 Yes
Briary PS Sep-20 Yes
Bridge & Patrixbourne CEPS Sep-20 Yes
Broadwater PS Oct-20 Yes
Bromstone PS, Broadstairs Jun-20 Yes
Brook Community PS Oct-18 Yes
Brook Education Centre Nov-18 Yes
Brookfield Infant Sch Jul-20 Yes
Brookfield Junior Sch., Larkfield Jan-21 Yes
Brookland CEPS Nov-19 Yes
Broomhill Bank Sch Jan-19 Yes
Burham CEP Sch. Sep-20 Yes
Bysing Wood PS Nov-20 Yes
Cage Green PS Oct-20 Yes
Callis Grange Nursery & Infant Sch. Jun-20 Yes
Canteen – Gibbons Trust – used by Benenden CEPS Oct-19 Yes
Canterbury Road PS Nov-19 Yes
Capel PS Jan-21 Yes
Capel-le-Ferne PS Jul-20 Yes
Castle Hill Community PS Sep-19 Yes
Cecil Road Primary & Nursery Sch. Jun-20 Yes
Challenger Centre Nov-18 Yes
Challock PS Oct-19 Yes
Chartham PS Jul-20 Yes
Chaucer Technology Sch. Aug-20 Yes
Cheriton PS Mar-19 Yes
Chevening (St Botolph’s) CE (VA) PS Nov-20 Yes
Chilham St Mary’s CEPS Oct-20 Yes
Chislet CEPS Sep-20 Yes
Churchill CEPS Nov-20 Yes
Claremont PS Jul-20 Yes
Cobham PS Jun-20 Yes
Colliers Green CEPS Nov-18 Yes
Coxheath PS Aug-20 Yes
Cranbrook CEPS Oct-20 Yes
Crockenhill PS Mar-20 Yes
Culverstone Green PS Jun-20 Yes
Darenth Community PS Jun-20 Yes
Davington PS Nov-19 Yes
Ditton CEJS Jan-19 Yes
Ditton Infant Sch. Jan-21 Yes
Dover Grammar Sch. For Boys Aug-20 Yes
Dover Grammar Sch. For Girls Aug-20 Yes
Dover St Mary’s CEPS Oct-20 Yes
Downs View Infant Sch. Dec-20 Yes
Downsview PS Jan-18 Yes
Dunton Green PS Jul-20 Yes
East Farleigh PS Nov-20 Yes
East Peckham PS Oct-20 Yes
East Stour PS Jan-21 Yes
Eastchurch CEPS (All Saints) Dec-19 Yes
Eastling PS Nov-18 Yes
Eastry CEPS Nov-20 Yes
Edenbridge PS Oct-20 Yes
Egerton CEPS Jan-19 Yes
Elham CEPS Jun-20 Yes
Ellington Infant Sch. Jun-20 Yes
Eythorne Elvington Community PS Oct-20 Yes
Five Acre Wood Sch Sep-19 Yes
Fleetdown PS Sep-19 Yes
Folkestone St Peter’s CEPS Mar-19 Yes
Fordcombe CEPS Nov-20 Yes
Four Elms PS Jul-20 Yes
Foxwood Sch. Nov-19 Yes
Frittenden CEPS Dec-18 Yes
Furness Sch. Dec-20 Yes
Garlinge PS Jun-20 Yes
Goldwyn College Dec-18 Yes
Goodnestone CEPS Sep-19 Yes
Greatstone PS Jan-21 Yes
Green Park Community PS Oct-20 Yes
Greenfields Community PS Aug-19 Yes
Grosvenor House Nov-18 Yes
Guston CEPS Jan-19 Yes
Hadlow Sch. Sep-20 Yes
Halfway Houses PS Aug-20 Yes
Halstead Community PS Jul-20 Yes
Harbour Sch. Dec-20 Yes
Harcourt PS Dec-20 Yes
Hartlip Endowed CEPS Dec-18 Yes
Hawkinge PS Sep-20 Yes
Headcorn PS Sep-20 Yes
Herne Bay Infant Sch. Sep-20 Yes
Herne Bay Junior Sch Oct-20 Yes
Herne CEJS Feb-20 Yes
Hextable PS Oct-19 Yes
High Firs PS Oct-20 Yes
High Halden CEPS Jan-19 Yes
Higham PS Jun-20 Yes
Highview Sch. Nov-18 Yes
Hildenborough CEPS Aug-19 Yes
Hoath PS Sep-20 Yes
Hollingbourne PS Oct-19 Yes
Holy Trinity & St Johns C of E PS Nov-18 Yes
Holy Trinity C of E (VA) Sch. Dec-18 Yes
Holy Trinity CEPS Dart Feb-19 Yes
Holywell PS Oct-20 Yes
Hornbeam PS Oct-20 Yes
Horsmonden PS Mar-19 Yes
Hunton CEPS Jan-19 Yes
Hythe Bay CEPS Jan-19 Yes
Ightham PS Feb-19 Yes
Istead Rise PS Jul-20 Yes
John Mayne CEPS Jan-19 Yes
Joy Lane PS Jun-20 Yes
Kemsing PS Nov-18 Yes
Kings Farm PS Oct-20 Yes
Kingsdown & Ringwould CEPS Jan-19 Yes
Kingswood PS Jul-19 Yes
Laddingford St Marys CE (VC) PS Dec-18 Yes
Lady Boswells CE (VA) PS Jan-19 Yes
Lady Joanna Thornhills (Endowed) PS Aug-20 Yes
Laleham Gap Sch Dec-18 Yes
Laleham Gap Sch Dec-18 Yes
Langafel C of E (VC) PS Oct-18 Yes
Langdon PS Oct-20 Yes
Langton Green PS Jan-19 Yes
Lawn PS Jun-20 Yes
Leeds & Broomfield CEPS Jan-21 Yes
Lenham PS Dec-20 Yes
Littlebourne CEPS Sep-20 Yes
Long Mead Community PS Mar-19 Yes
Loose Infants Dec-20 Yes
Loose Juniors Oct-20 Yes
Lower Halstow Sch. Nov-18 Yes
Lunsford PS Feb-20 Yes
Lydden PS Jan-19 Yes
Lyminge CEPS Dec-18 Yes
Madginford Park Infants Jan-21 Yes
Madginford Park Junior Oct-20 Yes
Maidstone Grammar Sch. Feb-21 Yes
Maidstone Grammar Sch. For Girls Aug-20 Yes
Manor Comm School Nov-19 Yes
Marden PS Nov-20 Yes
Mereworth Community PS Nov-20 Yes
Mersham PS Oct-20 Yes
Minster CEPS Jun-20 Yes
Minster-in-Sheppey PS Sep-20 Yes
Minterne Comm Junior School Sep-20 Yes
Monkton CofE PS Jun-20 Yes
Mundella PS Aug-20 Yes
Murston Infant Sch. Nov-18 Yes
Murston Junior Sch Aug-20 Yes
New Ash Green PS Sep-20 Yes
Newington CEPS Nov-18 Yes
Newington Community PS Jun-20 Yes
Nonington CEPS Nov-20 Yes
Norrington Centre – Used by Pent Valley Sch Oct-20 Yes
North Borough Junior Sch. Feb-21 Yes
North West Kent Behaviour Service Oct-18 Yes
Northbourne CEPS Jan-19 Yes
Northfleet Nursery Sch. Nov-18 Yes
Northfleet Sch. For Girls Nov-20 Yes
Oakley Sch. Dec-20 Yes
Oakley Sch. Feb-19 Yes
Offham PS Nov-20 Yes
Ospringe CEPS Nov-19 Yes
Otford PS Nov-18 Yes
Our Lady’s Catholic PS Oct-20 Yes
Paddock Wood PS Dec-18 Yes
Painters Ash PS Oct-20 Yes
Palace Wood PS Feb-19 Yes
Palmarsh PS Nov-19 Yes
Park Way PS Sep-19 Yes
Parkside Community PS Sep-20 Yes
Pembury Sch. Jul-20 Yes
Penshurst CEPS Mar-19 Yes
Pent Valley Sch. Oct-20 Yes
Pent Valley Sch. Vocational Centre Oct-20 Yes
Platt CofE (VA) PS Jun-20 Yes
Platts Heath PS Jul-19 Yes
Plaxtol PS Jan-19 Yes
Portal House Sch. Dec-20 Yes
Preston PS Sep-20 Yes
Priory Fields Sch. Oct-19 Yes
Queenborough Sch. & Nursery Oct-20 Yes
Ridge View Sch. Feb-21 Yes
River PS Oct-19 Yes
Riverview Infant Sch. Jun-20 Yes
Riverview Junior Sch. Jul-20 Yes
Rolvenden PS Jun-20 Yes
Rose Street Sch. Nov-20 Yes
Roseacre Junior Sch. Oct-19 Yes
Rowhill Sch. Jan-18 Yes
Rusthall St Paul’s CEPS Jan-20 Yes
Ryarsh PS Sep-20 Yes
Saltwood CofE School Aug-20 Yes
Sandgate PS Sep-20 Yes
Sandhurst PS Nov-18 Yes
Sandling PS Feb-19 Yes
Sandown Sch Nov-20 Yes
Sandwich Infant Sch. Oct-20 Yes
Sandwich Junior Sch Oct-20 Yes
Seabrook CofE PS Jul-20 Yes
Seal CofE PS Jan-19 Yes
Sedleys CEP Sch. Sep-19 Yes
Sellindge PS Oct-19 Yes
Selsted CEP Sch. Jul-20 Yes
Senacre Wood PS Feb-19 Yes
Sevenoaks PS Apr-20 Yes
Shears Green Infant Sch. Jun-20 Yes
Shears Green Junior Sch. Jul-20 Yes
Shipbourne Sch. Oct-19 Yes
Sholden CofE Primary School Aug-20 Yes
Shoreham Village Sch. Mar-19 Yes
Shorne CofE (VC) PS Nov-18 Yes
Sibertswold CEPS Nov-20 Yes
Simon Langton Girls Grammar Sch. Feb-19 Yes
Simon Langton Sch. For Boys Feb-19 Yes
Singlewell PS Sep-20 Yes
Slade PS Mar-19 Yes
Smeeth Community PS Oct-19 Yes
Snodland CEPS Jul-20 Yes
Southborough CEPS Mar-20 Yes
Speldhurst CEPS Jan-19 Yes
St Anthony’s Sch. Dec-20 Yes
St Augustine’s Catholic PS Tunbridge W Nov-20 Yes
St Barnabas C of E (VA) PS Jan-19 Yes
St Bartholomew’s Catholic PS Nov-20 Yes
St Crispins Comm Primary Infant School Jun-20 Yes
St Edmunds Catholic Sch. Dover Jul-20 Yes
St Ethelberts Catholic PS Ramsgate Dec-18 Yes
St Georges CEPS Wrotham Jul-20 Yes
St James’ CEJS Sep-20 Yes
St James CofE (VA) Infant Sch. Feb-18 Yes
St Johns CEPS – Kingsmead Nov-18 Yes
St Johns CEPS Sevenoaks Jul-20 Yes
St Johns CEPS TW Oct-20 Yes
St Katharine’s Knockholt CofE Primary Nov-20 Yes
St Katherine’s Sch. Aug-19 Yes
St Lawrence CEPS Feb-19 Yes
St Margaret’s CofE School Collier Street Oct-19 Yes
St Margaret’s-at-Cliffe PS Oct-20 Yes
St Mark’s CEPS Jan-19 Yes
St Martin’s Sch. Oct-20 Yes
St Mary’s CEPS Nov-20 Yes
St Matthew’s High Brooms CofE Primary Nov-20 Yes
St Michaels CEIS Nov-19 Yes
St Michaels CEJS Nov-19 Yes
St Michaels CEPS Tente Jul-19 Yes
St Mildreds Primary Infant Sch. Jun-20 Yes
St Nicholas’ CofE (Controlled) Primar Aug-20 Yes
St Nicholas’ Sch. Aug-19 Yes
St Nicholas-at-Wade CEPS Nov-20 Yes
St Paul’s CEPS Jan-19 Yes
St Paul’s Infant Sch Jul-19 Yes
St Peters CEP Sch. – Annexe Oct-19 Yes
Staplehurst Sch. Feb-19 Yes
Stocks Green PS Jul-19 Yes
Stone Bay Sch. Nov-20 Yes
Stowting CEPS Sep-19 Yes
Sundridge & Brasted CEPS Sep-19 Yes
Sussex Road Community PS Jul-19 Yes
Sutton Valence PS Jul-19 Yes
Sutton-at-Hone CEPS Feb-19 Yes
Swalecliffe Community PS Oct-20 Yes
Tenterden CEJS Feb-19 Yes
Tenterden Infant Sch. Aug-20 Yes
Teynham Parochial CEPS Aug-20 Yes
The Anthony Roper PS Jun-20 Yes
The Archbishops Sch Jul-20 Yes
The Cedars PRU Nov-18 Yes
The Downs CEPS Nov-20 Yes
The Foreland Sch. Dec-20 Yes
The Ifield Sch. Nov-20 Yes
The Judd Sch. Dec-20 Yes
The Limes PRU Jun-18 Yes
The Oaks Comm Infant School Nov-20 Yes
The Orchard Sch. Dec-20 Yes
Trottiscliffe CEPS Oct-20 Yes
Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar Sch. Jan-18 Yes
Tunbridge Wells Grammar Sch. For Boys Dec-20 Yes
Tunbury PS Aug-20 Yes
Ulcombe CEPS Jul-19 Yes
Upton Junior Sch. Aug-20 Yes
Vale View Comm School Oct-20 Yes
Valence Sch. Dec-18 Yes
Victoria Road PS Nov-19 Yes
Vigo Village Sch. Oct-20 Yes
Warm Stone PRU Dec-18 Yes
Wateringbury CEPS Oct-19 Yes
Weald Community PS Jul-20 Yes
West Borough PS Dec-18 Yes
West Hill PS Oct-20 Yes
West Kent Learning Federation PRU Oct-18 Yes
West Kingsdown CofE Primary Jan-19 Yes
West Minster PS Aug-20 Yes
Westmeads Comm Infant School Sep-20 Yes
Whitstable & Seasalter Endowed CEJS Jul-20 Yes
Whitstable Junior Sch. Dec-19 Yes
Wickhambreaux CEPS Jan-19 Yes
Willesborough Infant Sch. Oct-19 Yes
Willesborough Junior Sch. Jul-20 Yes
Wincheap Foundation PS Oct-20 Yes
Wingham PS Sep-20 Yes
Wittersham CEPS Jun-20 Yes
Woodchurch CEPS Oct-19 Yes
Woodlands Infant Sch Jul-20 Yes
Woodlands Junior Sch Jul-20 Yes
Worth PS Jan-19 Yes
Wouldham All Saints CEPS Jan-19 Yes
Wrotham Road PS Oct-20 Yes
Yalding St Peter & St Paul CEPS Jan-19 Yes


asbestos kent schools
Asbestos is proving to be a huge problem in Kent schools with 325 of them containing the deadly material

A council representative said, “The health and safety of all children and those that work in our schools is our top priority.”

“The presence of asbestos in itself does not present a risk to health providing it is not disturbed and is maintained in a safe condition.”

The council insists that they carry out regular inspections in their schools and ensure they adhere to all current asbestos legislation.

HSE prosecuting Kent Council over asbestos in school

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) is prosecuting Kent County Council concerning uncontrolled asbestos removal at one of the schools in the borough, Lansdowne Primary School in Sittingbourne.

A prohibition notice was served upon the local authority by the HSE in 2014 that read, “Prohibition Notice: You have failed to prevent the exposure of employees to Asbestos so far as reasonably practicable, in particular the partial sterilizer flue and sealant in the school kitchen.”

The next hearing is scheduled to take place on 30th August 2018 at Canterbury Crown Court.

Kent County Council have issued a statement to say that their priority is the health and safety of all school children and staff.

They insist the council has a robust Asbestos Management Policy and System in place, which means regular asbestos surveys of all schools and their buildings.

A spokesman said,”KCC maintains an asbestos register for all its buildings, which it requires to be available for all contractors who visit the site.”

“These reports are also available centrally on KCC’s property database in PDF format.”

Source of article:-

Duty holders and employers have a legal responsibility to manage asbestos in their properties, carrying out an asbestos survey in their buildings so as not to put employees at risk.

So make sure you contact our Armco office to arrange asbestos testing or an asbestos survey before it’s too late! 

Whether you need an asbestos management survey or a refurbishment/ demolition survey, contact us at 0161 763 3727 or by visiting

Finally, for all your asbestos training needs call 0161 761 4424 or visit book an asbestos awareness training course.

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