Asbestos Surveys in London

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Asbestos surveys London

At Armco we can provide Asbestos Surveys in London and surrounding areas as well as across the UK.  We are a professional and highly skilled team of surveyors who specialise in conducting both asbestos management and asbestos refurbishment / demolition surveys, as well as providing the asbestos awareness training required for those in the building trade. From our office in London, we work with companies of various sizes throughout the South East to ensure that their workplace is safe from the dangers posed by materials containing asbestos.

Why are asbestos surveys so important?

Any building in which construction work took place before 2000 could include materials that contain asbestos. It is crucial that these materials remain in good condition so that the asbestos is not disturbed and then transferred into the air, as inhalation could lead to serious, if not fatal illness. Anyone responsible for maintaining a property which has asbestos containing materials (ACM) is legally obliged to do everything they can to ensure that these materials are properly managed.

How we can help with asbestos surveys

Our fully trained surveyors are qualified to conduct a thorough asbestos management survey of the property to help you to identify any areas in which asbestos may be disturbed by day-to-day activities, and how any maintenance work in these areas should be prioritised.

We also provide a more intensive examination in the form of our asbestos refurbishment / demolition surveys. This type of survey aims to ascertain whether there is a chance of disturbing asbestos during any refurbishment or demolition work, that would otherwise not be disturbed during the everyday use of the building.

Once we have completed our survey, we will provide you with a full report with all the information you will need to keep any asbestos contained in your building under control.

Armco Asbestos Surveys in the London area

If you have the need for professional asbestos surveys then please don’t hesitate to contact our team at Armco Asbestos Surveys on 0203 793 3078, and we will be happy to discuss how we can help.



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Published Jun 09, 2016

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