Asbestos Surveys in Birmingham

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Asbestos surveys in Birmingham

At Armco we can provide Asbestos Surveys in Birmingham and surrounding areas as well as across the UK.  Armco Asbestos have over 15 years’ experience in assessing properties for the threat of asbestos. We have a team of fully trained and qualified surveyors that work with our clients to ensure that any material in their building that contains asbestos is recognised and managed adequately.

Our team working from our Birmingham office are fully equipped to carry out asbestos refurbishment / demolition surveys and asbestos management surveys for companies both big and small in the West Midlands area.

Why does your company need an asbestos survey in Birmingham?

Unless your workplace was built after 2000, there is a very high chance that the materials used during its construction contain asbestos.

Since the discovery of the lethal effects of asbestos on those who inhale its fibres, legislation has been passed to ensure that it is kept safe and under control at all times. This means that there is a legal duty on anyone who is responsible for a building’s maintenance to ensure that any asbestos containing material (ACM) in the property is not damaged and that the asbestos cannot release fibres into the air.

Armco Asbestos Surveys in Birmingham works to promote safety

Our team at Armco Asbestos Surveys are highly trained to ensure that our asbestos surveys are thorough and meet with every professional standard that is required. We provide the typical asbestos management surveys to check the availability of asbestos in building materials, the condition of these materials, and the likelihood of asbestos disturbance during the regular daily use of the building.

If there is any construction work planned on the building, a more in-depth survey would be required, which is why we also provide asbestos refurbishment / demolition surveys. This survey involves identifying the materials that contain asbestos, whether they are in a dangerous condition, and enables our clients to carry out the correct procedures to ensure the safe removal of the asbestos before any building work commences.

Contact us for asbestos surveys in Birmingham

If your company is located in the Birmingham area and you would like to enquire about asbestos surveys in Birmingham then please don’t hesitate to contact our Birmingham office on 0121 296 7687 where our team are on hand to discuss your requirements.





Published Jun 09, 2016

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