Asbestos testing Wigan

Asbestos testing Wigan

Looking for asbestos testing in Wigan, Greater Manchester? Found some suspect building material that you think may contain asbestos?

Some common asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) you may find in a building are textured coatings, cement, sprayed coatings, insulation board and pipe lagging.

Testing involves taking single or bulk samples of any suspected ACM’s and having them analysed for asbestos fibers in an independent laboratory.

The results will determine whether asbestos is present, and if so, the type(s) found.

The 3 most common types of asbestos are Chrysotile, Crocidolite and Amosite.

But before any testing can be performed on the asbestos, a sample must first be taken of the suspect material.

This can be done yourself, although we would only recommend this if a piece of the material has already broken off.

If you are actually removing the material yourself, then we would advise extreme caution because of the risk of exposure to asbestos fibers.

Ideally, you should wear a protective respirator along with gloves and protective clothing.

Start by dampening the sample, placing it in a self sealing polythene bag, and then putting this in a second self sealing bag and labelling it before sending the sample off to be tested at a UKAS accredited asbestos testing laboratory.

We now sell full testing kits for people wishing to take their own samples and to send to the laboratory themselves. Please head to our sister website to purchase your asbestos testing kit by clicking on the button below.

Some people will not feel comfortable taking samples for safety reasons, and would much rather a professional take the sample(s) for them, which is where we come in.

How we can help obtain samples

If you require asbestos testing in Wigan or surrounding areas across Greater Manchester and don’t want to take samples yourself, then we can send one of our trained Asbestos Surveyors to your property to safely take a single sample or bulk samples for you.

Samples for testing of asbestos can be taken from any residential, commercial, industrial or public property in Wigan and surrounding areas in Greater Manchester.

asbestos testing Wigan
We use a UKAS accredited laboratory for all of our asbestos testing in Wigan

We will then have the samples tested for asbestos at our independent UKAS accredited testing laboratory in Wigan.

The samples will be analysed and you will receive the results of the asbestos testing usually within 24 hours, along with a sampling and testing report.

Our prices for asbestos sampling and testing with report in Wigan start at just £175 plus VAT.

Do I need asbestos testing?

Not sure whether or not you need to arrange asbestos testing on your property in Wigan?

Providing you aren’t planning on doing any work that may disturb asbestos containing materials, such as decorating or refurbishment, then there is no need to test for the presence of asbestos.

However, if you are planning on doing any kind of remedial work to the property, whether it be a residential or commercial property, then you must arrange for asbestos testing to be done before commencing with any work, to determine the presence or absence of asbestos.

If you require more detailed information about the location, amount, type and condition of any asbestos containing materials (ACMs), or if you are the person responsible for maintenance of non domestic premises (duty holder), then you will need an asbestos survey, which we can help with too.

Book your asbestos testing in Wigan now!

For more information about our Asbestos Sampling and Testing in Wigan, or to find out more about our asbestos surveys in Wigan, speak to our team now on 0161 763 3727, or alternatively complete the form on this page and we’ll call you back.

We also provide sampling & testing in these areas:-

Asbestos awareness training

Did you know we also offer comprehensive Asbestos Awareness Training? We’ve provided training to thousands of companies through the UK both large and small enabling them to deal with certain aspects of asbestos themselves. To view full details of all our asbestos training courses in Wigan, please visit our dedicated asbestos training site for more information.

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