Woman frightened to live at home because of asbestos materials

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Asbestos materials in 81 year old woman’s home are causing her concern

A woman from Hull says she is frightened to live in her own council house after asbestos materials were discovered during an inspection.

81 year old Annie Rowley’s home was inspected by Hull City Council in Browning Close, west Hull, and she was informed that asbestos materials had been found, but that they posed no danger to either herself or her daughter.

Despite reassurance from the council, Mrs Rowley is worried about the asbestos materials in her home and says she has not felt comfortable having a proper meal since they were discovered.

Ms Rowley said, “They say it is safe. I say it is not. I have never heard of asbestos being safe.”

“There is white powder under the carpet in my shower room and it is frothy and it like little white spots. I think it is asbestos. I am worried.”

“I think they are being so cruel.”

The asbestos materials are not her only concern……

Ms Rowley also states that two fans that have been installed in the property in order to prevent the walls from getting damp are making loud noises during the night.

This is preventing her from getting a good night’s sleep.

She says that she has informed the council of the issue, however, engineers say they weren’t able to detect any problems with the fans.

Ms Rowley goes on to say, “They have put two fans in that they say have got to stay on to keep the walls from getting damp but it is making a humming and hissing noise in the middle of the night.”

“I am having terrible night’s sleep because of it. It is like living in a factory.”

“They just don’t care. I ring up on a night to tell them about the noise and all they say is that it is an emergency line and that I have got no right to ring them.”

The 81 year old has a pile of receipts that she has retained from the council over the last couple of years which relate to issues at this property and also at her last address in Fleet Court.

However, she claims that the council has only visited on three or four occasions.

Local Council have their say

A council spokeperson said, “We carried out a full inspection at Mrs Rowley’s home and confirmed to her that surfaces where asbestos containing materials may be found pose no danger because they are in good condition and should asbestos be present, it is entirely encapsulated, therefore no further tests or works are required, and there is no risk providing it is not disturbed.”

“The house does have a fan, which is in place to provide constant ventilation to minimise the effects of condensation.”

“While our engineer could not detect any sound from the fan, it has been turned off on the condition that the house is adequately heated and ventilated.”

“Mrs Rowley has been sent information to this effect on two separate occasions.”

Source of article:- https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/woman-asbestos-noise-living-factory-2925484

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