Waste removal contractor sentenced after removing asbestos without licence

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Waste removal contractor sentenced after removing asbestos without licence

HSE Asbestos Removal

Mark Gibson was contracted to remove asbestos from 2 different properties in Wales in September and November 2016.

The HSE learnt that Mr Gibson did so without actually having a HSE asbestos removal license to remove harmful materials.

Gibson traded as All-gone waste and advertised that he could remove asbestos materials.

But he didn’t have a license and has never had one according to the HSE.

In court he pleaded guilty to a breach of the Control of asbestos regulations 2012.

He also pleaded guilty to breaching the Health & Safety at work act 1974.

Mr Gibson was subsequently fined £1,500 and had to pay court costs totaling £2,657.

HSE comment on the case

Phil Nicolle, HSE Inspector, commented, “Mr Gibson undertook asbestos removal work which he was not licensed to do.”

“Asbestos removal must be done by HSE asbestos removal licensed contractors to ensure the highest standards are met to prevent health risks to employees and members of public.”


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