Old fridges riddled with asbestos dumped outside gym in Wales

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Old fridges riddled with asbestos dumped outside gym in Wales

Asbestos removers have been called in after two fridges containing sheets of asbestos had been dumped outside a boxing gym in Wales.

The gym is very popular with children and has up to 25 children visiting daily. Fridges and building materials were discovered last Sunday evening by the son of the gym owner -Mark Atkins – after locking up at Caerau Ely Amateur Boxing Club he made the fly tipping discovery.

Mark, aged 54, has run the boxing club in Trelai Park, Ely, for the past two years.

His main worry is that children, not knowing the dangers, will disturb the materials that have been dumped in the gym car park.

He said, “I can have up to 20 or 25 children coming from 4.30pm onwards and they all have to come past the gym. Because it’s the fact that children are going in. Adults can stay away from it, but kids might not know. They just see a sheet of board.”

“It’s annoying more than anything. I can understand it’s difficult to get rid of it, but they should know that dumping it right outside a gym is extremely dangerous.”

Site will be cleared as soon as possible by asbestos removers

Therefore Mark contacted the local council about the fly-tipping incident, he has since been assured that the site will be cleared as soon as possible by asbestos removers. Peter Bradbury, Caerau ward councillor said;

“I’m absolutely furious. For some idiot to dump a fridge full of what we suspect contains asbestos is unforgivable really.”

“It’s my community park as well and when you are putting money into these things you don’t want people to stop coming to use the facilities.”

“Most of all I can’t condemn the people who have done this enough really. The minority shouldn’t be ruining it for the majority. It’s disgraceful.”

asbestos removers - Old fridges riddled with asbestos dumped outside gym in Wales

Michael Michael, councillor for Cardiff council and cabinet member for clean streets and recycling said,“Fly-tipping is completely unnecessary – it damages the environment and costs the tax payer a significant amount of money each year. “If anyone has witnessed this fly tipping in Caerau and has seen who has done it or the registration details of the vehicle, please report it to the C2C on 02920 872087.”

“The message to the people that have done this, if we catch you, you will face court action with a possible fine of up to £50,000 or 6 months imprisonment”

Source of article:-  https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/local-news/fridges-full-asbestos-were-dumped-13865719

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