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New asbestos regulations 2018

As of 15th February 2018, new asbestos regulations have come into force whereby any licensed asbestos removal contractors should complete a new ‘Handover Form’ on completion of the cleaning of an asbestos enclosure or work area.

This form should then be given to the asbestos Analyst before they commence work on the 4-stage clearance of the site.

The purpose of the form is to act as a checklist for the licensed asbestos removal contractors, to ensure that the asbestos enclosure or work area has been thoroughly cleaned by the contractor and that a thorough visual inspection has been completed by them also.

This then satisfies both the asbestos contractors and the Analyst that all necessary steps have been taken to make sure the area is clean and safe.

The Analyst will not start the clearance job until the Handover Form has been completed by the contractor and received.

When the Analyst is confident that the form has been filled in properly and the work has been carried out to a satisfactory standard, then he must sign and date the form.

To summarise, the asbestos removal contractor should not arrange for the 4-stage clearance procedure to start until they are completely satisfied that:-

• All of the asbestos has been removed as detailed in the POW;
• The area inside the enclosure and airlocks are both clean and dry and have already passed their own thorough visual inspection;
• A Handover Form has been prepared for the Analyst;
• Sealant has not been applied.

You can view and download a copy of the form by clicking on the following link:-


Asbestos regulations - New contractors handover form asbestos

Duty holders and employers have a legal responsibility to manage asbestos in their properties, carrying out an asbestos survey in their building so as not to put employees at risk.

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