Mesothelioma cancer diagnosis for British doctor living in Oz

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Mum of two claims she may have digested asbestos fibers during childhood

43 year old Kate Richmond, a British woman who now lives in Victoria, Australia, has been given a devastating mesothelioma cancer diagnosis.

The mother of two was diagnosed with the rare cancer, peritoneal mesothelioma.

Kate believes she may have been exposed to asbestos as a child.

Her father worked for a manufacturing company and she would hug him everyday when he returned home from work.

She thinks he must have had asbestos fibers on his clothing which she has ingested.

This is the only explanation she can think of as Doctors have said that her cancer is definitely linked to asbestos fibers.

Kate works as a GP and is originally from the UK.

She was absolutely stunned by her recent mesothelioma cancer diagnosis, and still can’t be 100% sure how she contracted the disease.

Her symptoms began earlier this year when she started with pains in her abdomen and was experiencing shortness of breath.

This led to her having a CT scan where doctors found she had excess fluid in her abdomen.

Mesothelioma cancer diagnosis for British doctor Kate Richmond who now lives in Australia

Doctor given just a couple of years to live

Cancerous tumours were discovered in Kate’s abdomen, meaning she had to have a full hysterectomy to remove them.

Both her and her family were later told that she would only live for abother two to three years.

Kate said, “I cried and said, but I’m only in my 40’s and I have young kids and I need to be around for them.”

“I’m used to being the doctor who sees a scan and plans to work out the best way to give horrible news. Now I am completely on the other end of it.”

In order to raise vital funds for treatment, Kate’s family and friends have set up a GoFundMe page.

Over $64,000 has already been donated to the page.

Emma Johnstone, Kate’s friend, said, “Kate’s pretty darn awesome. She’s a mum to two beautiful children Lauren, aged six and Finn, nine.”

“She’s been a doctor since 2001 in both the UK and in Victoria. Helping and healing people is what drives her. She’s positive, selfless and has a wicked sense of humour loved by both her friends and patients.”

“She wants more than anything to get back to working with and helping patients in her community, watch Lauren and Finn grow into adults and one day retire and travel with her adoring husband Brett.”

“But for now, Kate’s concentrating on the immediate challenge in front of her – healing her body of cancer.”

“We’re asking for any donations to help support Kate’s treatment and in turn lift the financial burden for Kate and her family that unfortunately accompanies a cancer diagnosis.”

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