Make up contaminated with asbestos banned from sale at Claire’s

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Thousands of Britain’s teenage girls wear the contaminated makeup

Make up contaminated with asbestos and worn by thousands of teenage girls has been taken off the shelves at Claire’s accessories.

They have been ordered to destroy all of the popular eye shadow and blusher kits as a matter of urgency.

The news comes after independent tests revealed that the compact powder kit contains traces of asbestos fibers.

Britain’s Trading Standards now have the task of ensuring that Claire’s destroys all the make up contaminated with asbestos.

Although asbestos is banned from make-up, it has been known for traces of it to be found in talcum powder, which is a common ingredient used in powder make up.

Despite the scare, Claire’s insist all their make-up is safe and they only use certified asbestos-free talc in the manufacture of their products and challenge the test results.

The make up contaminated with asbestos originally came to light when it was discovered by Dutch authorities.

They then reported it to the European Commission on the 28th March 2018 where more testing in Brussels confirmed there was indeed asbestos in the products.

On the 30th March, an urgent alert was issued to all EU member states.

A Claire’s Accessories representative said, “We are in constant contact with the Dutch authorities over this alleged issue, and are challenging their findings.”

“Our multiple independent testing of these products by certified laboratories show they comply with all EU cosmetic regulations. We are confident these products are safe.”

The retail chain issued a statement on their website which challenged the testing methods used.

However, they were not clear on the actual products had caused the controversy.

Sources say the affected items appear to have been removed from sale both in shops and online.

Claire’s have confirmed that customers are able to return items and will receive a full refund.

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Published Apr 17, 2018

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