Demolition of asbestos ridden Radcliffe swimming baths finally begins

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Demolition of asbestos ridden Radcliffe swimming baths finally begins

The demolition of asbestos ridden Radcliffe swimming baths finally begins following months of set backs and spiralling costs.

The baths closed for good in May 2016 as a result of very bad storm damage to the building, and following surveys on the building which revealed damage to the structure that Bury Council said would cost far too much to repair.

The large quantity of asbestos and structural damage meant that the job was delayed for longer than intended, as plans were originally in place to have the work completed by the end of January 2016.

The costs of the work has spiralled from an estimated £200,000 to over £700,000 as a result of the complication involved.

Bury Council have said they plan to build a brand new modern leisure and entertainment facility on the old site which will replace the old swimming pool and civic suite.

A 3 year timescale for the construction was originally put in place by the council, who say that despite the setbacks, they are still on target.

Councillor assures building of new leisure facility will go ahead

Councillor Rishi Shori said,“In January, I said it would be a three-year project and we are still working along that basis.”

“We are looking at the provision of leisure services across the borough. What we are trying to do is come up with solutions that are moving forward.”

“It has not gone from the agenda. We are still working within the time scale that we have got and, in the meantime, people have got the temporary leisure facility to use.”

“We are having to look closely at how we approach the whole leisure offering in the borough and are continuing to work behind the scenes looking at business cases for the new centre.”

Councillor Shori told the Radcliffe Times back in July 2016, at the time that the civic suite was demolished, that the council were waiting to see how Brexit would impact on the economy before they made any final decisions on the site.

Whilst the demolition and building works are being carried out, residents will still have the use of the leisure centre that has been set up temporarily at the former Radcliffe Riverside school, in Spring Lane.

Source article by Craig Archer

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Published Oct 04, 2016

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