Cornish Brewery forces workmen to remove asbestos illegally

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A total of three defendants were found guilty by Exeter magistrates for breaching The Control of Asbestos Regulation 2012 after workmen refurbishing a Dartmoor pub were exposed to asbestos.

The incident happened at the Three Crowns pub in Chagford, Devon, in January 2010 when asbestos was discovered when the workmen were demolishing walls. The workmen were then ordered to illegally remove the asbestos without adequate training and protection, therefore contrary to asbestos law.

Barry Trudgian, a Health and Safety Executive inspector, stated that: “working on or near damaged asbestos-containing materials, or breathing in high levels of asbestos fibres, could increase the chance of contracting an asbestos-related disease. Asbestos can cause fatal lung disease and the dangers are well known in the industry”.  Research shows that on average 20 tradesman die every week from asbestos related diseases.

St Austell Brewery, the contractor Cowley’s Building and Maintenance Ltd of Colyton, Devon, and its director Christopher Reed were all prosecuted. All three defendants pleaded guilty and were fined a total of £34,590, including court costs.

The case illustrates the need for an Asbestos Survey to be carried out prior to the refurbishment or demolition of any building built before the year 2000. This report identifies any asbestos containing materials and makes recommendations on who can legally remove the asbestos. In addition, all staff whom are likely to come into contact with asbestos in their jobs are required by law to have received asbestos awareness training. The workmen would then be able to easily identify asbestos and know the correct procedures to follow to ensure they operate within the asbestos law.

In addition, any staff working with hazardous substances, such as asbestos, must have the correct equipment including respiratory masks which must be fitted by a trained professional. Any remedial works and removal of asbestos must be carried out by fully trained competent contractors or licensed contractors depending on the type of material and its condition.

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Published Jun 22, 2012

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