Contractor handed a six month suspended sentence for asbestos failings.

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John Lewis of John Lewis Plant Hire and Contracts has been given a 6 month suspended sentence for a catalogue of asbestos related failings, at Laganside Crown Court, Northern Ireland.

Following a complaint form the general public, the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) visited the demolition site on Broadway Industrial Estate. During the visit, it was discovered that the building was being demolished and immediately halted the work due to concerns about asbestos.

A subsequent asbestos survey at the site found large quantities of asbestos insulating board and asbestos cement debris amongst all the rubble where the demolition process was still in progress. John Lewis Plant Hire had a similar incident in 2008 after demolishing other buildings without having an asbestos survey carried out.

Following on from the 2008 incident, it was discovered Mr Lewis had a survey of all the buildings, including Broadway Industrial Estate which he was demolishing in 2011. The asbestos survey had clarified that the building he was in the process of demolishing, contained significant asbestos, which only a licensed contractor can remove. Mr Lewis was not a licensed asbestos contractor, but continued with the demolition work.

Employees at the demolition site were found to be unprotected from the asbestos and not wearing appropriate protection, such as respiratory mask and overalls.

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Published May 31, 2013

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