National Recall of childrens quad bikes that could contain asbestos

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National Recall of children’s quad bikes that could contain asbestos

This is another case of asbestos products damaging public health. In Australia, there has been a national recall of children’s quad bikes that could contain asbestos.

The bikes are made by the company Polaris.

It is the Polaris youth quad bike models that are being recalled.

It’s feared that as many as 13,000 of them could contain traces of asbestos.

The product recall was issued on Monday.

Letters are being sent out to owners.

The parts affected on the quad bikes are the front brake pad, front brake shoe, rear brake shoe and heat shield washer.

And models affected include the Scrambler 50 and 90, Outlaw 50, 90 and 110, Phoenix 200, Sportsman 90 and 110, Predator 50 and 90, Sawtooth 200 and Ace 150.

These particular models are advertised as being suitable for children aged six and over.

People are being informed that despite the recall, children can still ride the bikes.

But it has been advised not to carry out any sort of maintenance or repair to the quad bikes as some parts may contain asbestos.

asbestos found in children's quad bikes

Investigation to be carried out

Any affected parts will be replaced by Polaris free of charge.

And owners are urged to take any affected models into their nearest branch straight away to be repaired.

The risk has been identified as very low after third party testing was conducted on the vehicles.

Small traces of asbestos were found in the tests.

Many people however fail to realise there is asbestos products all around them, whether that be roof tiles or even old children’s toys.

Alan Collins, Polaris Australia country manager, said, ‘The research and very extensive testing that we’ve had completed has come back that there were no asbestos fibres picked up in the air through the use of those vehicles.’

He added, ‘It’s an extremely low probability that those fibres could’ve been in the air and could’ve damaged the operator of the vehicle or anybody nearby to them.’

Asbestos in quad bikes

Investigations continue into the cause of the asbestos contamination in these children’s quad bikes.

More information can be obtained by calling the Polaris Customer Service Department on 1800 982 593.

Or you can visit the website

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