Former Engineer suffering with asbestos related cancer is compensated

Man diagnosed with asbestos related cancer secures legal settlement

A man from Yorkshire has secured a legal settlement against his former employers after he was diagnosed with an asbestos related cancer.

Mr James Casey, aged 63, of Halifax in West Yorkshire worked as a gas engineer for North Eastern Gas Board between 1969 and 1980.

After receiving his diagnosis of mesothelioma, Mr Casey instructed solicitors Irwin Mitchell to investigate why and how he had come into contact with asbestos.

It is thought he was exposed to asbestos whilst working for the firm.

Man diagnosed with asbestos related cancer secures legal settlement - North Eastern gas board headquarters Leeds

The landmark settlement secured by Law firm Irwin Mitchell will ensure that all his future medical costs are paid for, so bringing some peace of mind to him and his family.

Speaking about the settlement, Mr Casey, said, “I was never told about the dangers of asbestos during my time at the company, but if I had known more I would have asked for protective equipment. Mesothelioma has had a huge impact on my life and my entire family was devastated when I received the diagnosis.”

“While nothing will now change what the future holds, I am thankful to Irwin Mitchell for their support and am relieved that this settlement will ensure I will always be able to access the care and treatment that I need.”

Speaking on behalf of Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, Solicitor Ian Toft said that this settlement was good news, and a huge step forward in the right direction for mesothelioma sufferers.

Mr Toft said, “The ultimate benefit of such an agreement is simply peace of mind, as it ensures that our client does not face uncertainty regarding his access to treatment.”

He added, “Furthermore, with new treatments constantly in development but costs also on the rise, it ensures that our client will be able to benefit from whatever is required. This is a hugely important development which ensures that those whose lives have been touched by the terrible legacy of asbestos can get the support they need at a difficult time.”


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Published Mar 22, 2018

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