Two companies fined over asbestos failures

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Two companies fined over asbestos failures

Failure to conduct an asbestos survey could find you in hot water with the HSE if they can prove your asbestos failures in court.

Two different companies within the construction industry have been prosecuted after carrying out unsafe asbestos work.

Kingsley Asbestos Services Ltd, who carry out asbestos removals, were employed by Bourne Valley Construction Services Ltd for a job at a property in Leatherhead, Surrey.

The HSE reports that Kingsley asbestos removed some ACMs from the property and also carried out some repair works.

During further works in the kitchen, a worker cut into some board on the walls that was later found to be asbestos insulation board.

Following an HSE investigation into the job, they found that Bourne Valley Construction had failed to arrange for a refurbishment and demolition survey to be done before works on the property commenced.

Asbestos Survey is Company Responsibility

But it was also the responsibility of Kingsley Asbestos Ltd to have an asbestos survey done prior to works.

An asbestos survey would have identified the locations and condition of any asbestos.

At the case hearing, Bourne Valley Construction were fined £8,000 plus costs after pleading guilty to a breach of the Construction (Design & Management) regulations 2007.

Kingsley Asbestos Services also pleaded guilty to being in breach of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2013 and were fined £6,000 plus costs.

HSE comments on the case

Rebekah Dunn, HSE Inspector, commented, “Bourne Valley Construction was in control of the works and should have provided information identified in such a survey or assessment regarding the presence of asbestos to Kingsley Asbestos Service as their sub contractor”.

“Asbestos still kills around 5,000 workers each year and around 20 tradesmen die each week as a result of past exposure.”

Source of article:-  Safety express magazine

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