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HSE Asbestos Essentials Manual

Asbestos Essentials is a task manual written and provided by the HSE.

The task manual is aimed at building, maintenance and allied trades of non-licensed asbestos work.

It is purposefully designed to be durable, practical and small enough to fit in your toolbox so that you have it on hand to refer to at all times.

Asbestos essentials contains a series of useful task sheets.

These task sheets contain over 100 full colour photos and illustrations, to describe ‘good practice’ for non licensed asbestos tasks, and there is detailed information on what action needs to be taken to reduce exposure to an adequate and acceptable level.

Asbestos Essentials is aimed at any workers that are working in a trade that might come into contact with asbestos at some point, including electricians, plumbers, builders, carpenters etc.

It is also useful for employees, self-employed and managers.

A fourth edition of the Asbestos Essentials task manual was released in January 2018, and was updated in line with changes to the Asbestos Regulations and to better reflect the asbestos guidance provided on HSE’s website and the Asbestos Approved Code of Practice, L143.

asbestos essentials HSE - fourth edition Jan 2018
asbestos essentials HSE – fourth edition Jan 2018

Updates to asbestos task manual

The HSE asbestos essentials task manual has recently received some updates as follows:-

You can purchase your own copy of the task manual on the HSE’s website for £25 by following this link.

Or you can choose to download individual task sheets on their website for free by clicking here.

Available task sheets included are Equipment and method sheets, Work with asbestos cement (AC) (non-licensed), Working with textured coatings (TC) containing asbestos (non-licensed), Strictly controlled minor work on Asbestos Insulating Board (AIB), Safe work with undamaged asbestos materials, Removal and replacement of other asbestos containing materials and Fly-tipped waste.

Duty holders and employers have a legal responsibility to manage asbestos in their properties, carrying out an asbestos survey in their buildings so as not to put employees at risk.

So make sure you contact our Armco office to arrange asbestos testing or an asbestos survey before it’s too late! 

Whether you need an asbestos management survey or a refurbishment/ demolition survey, contact us at 0161 763 3727 or by visiting

Finally, for all your asbestos training needs call 0161 761 4424 or visit book an asbestos awareness training course.

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