Asbestos charity DAST wins lottery funds.

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DAST, the Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team are a registered charity offering help for victims of asbestos related disease. The charity helps with industrial injuries, and government presentation schemes. DAST was named charity of the year in 2014 by IATP (International Asbestos Training Providers).

DAST works with sufferers and the families of Mesothelioma victims, an aggressive lung cancer exclusively linked to asbestos exposure.

The charity is hosting an event on Wednesday 25th February between 1.15pm and 6.45pm raising awareness about DIY refurbishment and the dangers of asbestos in the home. The event will give information about asbestos, where in the home it can be found, as well as its risks including the disease Mesothelioma.

The event is aimed at school workers and tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians, joiners and school workers, giving them information on how to protect themselves against the dangers of asbestos and exposure to the substance.

The event will include guest speakers from the council, victims and families of Mesothelioma sufferers and trade union representatives.

DAST has recently been awarded £110,215 from the national lottery fund which will enable them to continue to help those affected by asbestos related disease and their families. As well as supporting victims through the disease, with the help of the grant they also plan on extending their support network by providing bereavement and befriending support to around 450 households who have lost a loved one due to asbestos related disease. They will also help with guidance at inquests and claiming compensation for the sufferers and families.

DAST realised that they also needed to provide support to those who were left behind from losing a loved one to Mesothelioma. Until the lottery grant they did not have the funds or resources to provide the bereavement support.

DAST is a great charity helping to raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos as well as providing support to victims throughout their illness and families of the victims with bereavement.

You can visit DAST’s website at;



Published Feb 23, 2015

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