Appeal to trace illegal asbestos fly tippers in Dale Abbey, Erewash

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An appeal has been launched to help trace those responsible for dumping asbestos waste on No Man’s Lane in Dale Abbey in the Erewash District of Derbyshire.

The waste was discovered on the morning of Thursday, October 25, by Erewash Borough Council street cleaners. The council’s neighbourhood wardens were called to the scene and have searched through the waste to see if there were any clues to indicate where the waste may have come from or to identify who was responsible for the fly-tipping.

The council has put out an appeal to local residents for help in tracing the offenders – if anyone saw the waste being dumped, knows of an outbuilding made of asbestos that may recently have been removed from a property or has any other information please call 0115 850 8383 or e-mail

The inhalation of asbestos fibres can cause serious diseases of the lungs and other organs that may not appear until years after the exposure has occurred. Diseases caused by inhalation of asbestos fibres lead to some 4,000 UK deaths every year, while the Health and Safety Executive expects that by 2050 an asbestos-related disease epidemic will kill as many as 90,000.

Armco are fully qualified in the remedial works and removal of asbestos containing materials and ensure all works are carried out under fully controlled conditions. We also offer asbestos surveying and asbestos related training which is all mandatory as stated in The Control of Asbestos Regulations (2012). Call the Armco office for further details – 0161 763 3727.



Published Nov 01, 2012

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