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DFE re-opens asbestos management assurance process in schools as 1 in 4 fail to respond

Asbestos management in schools – DFE re-opens survey The DFE (Department for Education) has had to re-open its “asbestos management assurance process” as 1 in 4 schools have failed to respond. The process asks schools to declare if they are compliant or not with their legal duty to manage asbestos on their premises. Schools had […]

Read the full article | Published Nov 26, 2018

Asbestos health check being offered on NHS for Grenfell survivors

NHS to offer £50m asbestos health check screening programme in wake of disaster Following concerns over potential asbestos poisoning, Grenfell tower survivors are being offered an asbestos health check screening by the NHS. The decision has been reached after the NHS were urged by senior coroner, Dr Fiona Wilcox, to take action to prevent any more […]

Read the full article | Published Oct 23, 2018

Asbestos Surveyor missed amosite and chrysotile asbestos

Asbestos surveyor had no asbestos surveying training An Asbestos Surveyor and a property management consultancy have both been taken to court and fined more than £15,000 after they provided a majorly inadequate refurbishment and demolition asbestos survey. The company employed to conduct the asbestos survey, Home Inspectors Southern, failed to identify chrysotile and amosite asbestos. […]

Read the full article | Published Oct 17, 2018

Builders fined for unsafe asbestos removal

Two self-employed builders from Birmingham have been sentenced for exposing residents, as well as themselves, to asbestos. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecuted Harnek Ram of Handsworth and Gulzar Singh of Smethwick, trading as G Builders, after they illegally removed and broke up asbestos panels from a home in Handsworth between 19 and 25 […]

Read the full article | Published Jul 17, 2013

Property developer prosecuted for unsafe asbestos removal

A property developer from Nottinghamshire has pleaded guilty to exposing employees to asbestos has been given an eight-month suspended prison sentence and been ordered to pay fines and costs of £100,000. Nottingham Crown Court have been informed that James Roger Carlton, also known as Roger Stephen Parry, 64, of South Leverton, disregarded the presence of […]

Read the full article | Published Jul 17, 2013

Plumber fined for putting a young family at risk of asbestos exposure.

A Plumber from Nottinghamshire has been fined after putting, his son and a young family at risk of asbestos exposure. The plumber, Dean Fisk had been employed to replace a galvanized water tank in the loft of a house in Clifton. The Health and Safety Executive told Nottingham magistrates, that Mr Fisk had failed to […]

Read the full article | Published May 30, 2013

Unions push for asbestos surveys in schools

Asbestos surveys in schools, are they fit for purpose? Schools in the UK have been sent urgent warnings by Unions in April 2013, to check whether they have warm air cabinet heaters. Such heaters have the potential to contain dangerous asbestos fibres. The stark warning follows a case dating back to October 2012, involving a […]

Read the full article | Published May 03, 2013

Failure to take Asbestos Survey into account lead to workers to be exposed to asbestos

A plumbing company has been prosecuted for serious safety failings which may have led to two workers being exposed to dangerous asbestos fibres during a major refurbishment project on flats in Aberystwyth, Wales. Superior Plumbing Installations Ltd failed to provide the workers, a site manager and a subcontractor, with legally required information about the presence […]

Read the full article | Published Dec 11, 2012

Demolition Company prosecuted after ignoring Asbestos Survey reccomendations

A Cheltenham demolition company has been prosecuted after exposing its own workers to dangerous asbestos fibres and illegally removing asbestos waste from a property in Gloucester. DA Environmental Services Ltd were prosecuted by the Health and Safety (HSE) at Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court on 5th November 2012 for breaching three regulations relating to asbestos removal. The […]

Read the full article | Published Nov 08, 2012

Results of various recent nationwide asbestos related surveys

There have been various surveys regarding asbestos awareness which have been implemented across the UK recently. UKAS carried out a survey in 2011 under the guise of Accredited Asbestos Campaign by various professionals representing a wide range of business sizes and disciplines in the UK.  Another survey was carried out by the British Lung Foundation […]

Read the full article | Published Jun 08, 2012

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