Where to dispose of asbestos waste in Edinburgh

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Are you wondering where to dispose of asbestos waste in Edinburgh?

Perhaps you have dismantled a shed or garage at home that contains asbestos cement, or you have been doing some home renovations involving removing asbestos.

Some examples of where asbestos cement bonded materials may be used in the home are on garage/shed roofs, on shed/garage wall panels, drain pipes, insulation boards, soffits, insulation panels, partitions and even bath side panels.

Asbestos is classed as hazardous waste and therefore must be disposed of in the correct manner.

It cannot be disposed of along with regular household waste.

Edinburgh Council don’t offer an asbestos collection service, and it would appear that you can’t take your asbestos waste to any local recycling centres either.

Instead, you will have to enlist the services of a private waste disposal company such as Biffa who have a waste transfer station in Edinburgh.

They will be able to collect your household or trade asbestos waste and safely dispose of it.

Asbestos cement waste must firstly be double wrapped in heavy duty polythene sheets, bags or sacks, sealed securely and clearly labelled with the contents before being disposed of.

You can find more information and guidance on disposing of asbestos waste here on the HSE website.


Duty holders and employers have a legal responsibility to manage asbestos in their building so as not to put employees at risk. Contact our Armco office for asbestos management and refurbishment/ demolition surveys on 0161 763 3727 or by visiting https://www.armco.org.uk/
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Published Dec 06, 2016

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