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Workers put at risk of asbestos exposure

Work carried out for North Devon Homes has put 2 workers from Pilkington Plumbing and Heating Ltd at risk of asbestos exposure when they began works carrying out boiler renovations without a full asbestos survey. The employees were allowed to carry out back boiler removal and to drill a wall panel after the contractors began […]

Read the full article | Published Jan 29, 2015

The dangers of asbestos in shipbuilding

Asbestos is not just a problem in the construction or building industry, asbestos is also present and used in shipbuilding. Asbestos is still present onboard various ships and continues to be a huge problem for health and safety, especially during the demolition of ships. Although asbestos was banned in 2000, asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) are […]

Read the full article | Published Feb 02, 2015

Former footballer promotes HSE asbestos campaign

Stuart Pearce, ex professional footballer and current manager of Nottingham Forest Football Club has recently revealed that he could have breathed in deadly asbestos dust in his early days playing football whilst working part time as an electrician. He was an electrician for 4 years in the early 1980’s and has revealed his potential exposure […]

Read the full article | Published Feb 03, 2015

Ex British Rail worker receives £50,000 in damages.

A man from Matson, Gloucestershire has won a case to continually sue the department of transport if and when his health deteriorates after being exposed to asbestos at work 70 years ago. Asbestos is the greatest cause of work related disease in the UK. Harold White worked for the railway firm British Rail, between 1942 […]

Read the full article | Published Feb 04, 2015

Exposure to asbestos caused by disasters

Whilst it is well know that asbestos is a threat to tradespeople and construction workers who come into contact with asbestos through their work many other people can also be exposed due to world disasters. Airborne debris that comes from buildings that have been destroyed can include asbestos dust, especially is that building was built […]

Read the full article | Published Feb 05, 2015

Asbestos management in schools

Asbestos is present in 90% of schools in England. Despite knowing the deadly risks of asbestos exposure the authorities continue to not take action. Management reports were being carried out early 2014 and the management report should have been produced June 2014 but it has still not been published, and is not expected to be […]

Read the full article | Published Feb 06, 2015

NHS recovery of medical costs for asbestos related disease law overruled.

Since 2013 Wales has been in an ongoing legal dispute which is trying to force companies and their insurers to cover medical costs of staff that have been exposed to asbestos and made been made ill by the substance. Today The Supreme Court has given the decision on the bill. The bill would have recovered […]

Read the full article | Published Feb 09, 2015

Retailer fined for Asbestos risk.

The retail firm B&M Retail Ltd has been fined for breaching health and safety regulation regarding asbestos in their shop unit in Dalkeith. The incident took place in store on January 23rd 2010 when smoke began to come out of a light fitting. The store manager went on to smash a ceiling tile to gain […]

Read the full article | Published Feb 10, 2015

Increased compensation for asbestos victims.

New compensation laws brought in by the government mean that victims of asbestos related disease such as Mesothelioma can now receive up to £54,000 extra in compensation. The rules introduced in 10th February 2015 means that people diagnosed with Mesothelioma from this date onwards will be eligible, and benefit from the increased compensation under the […]

Read the full article | Published Feb 11, 2015

Mother of asbestos victim takes campaign to Italy.

Mary Law lost her 51 year old son, Roy Shipley, to Mesothelioma of the abdomen, an asbestos related disease in 2010. Mr Shipley was exposed to deadly asbestos fibres during his work as an electrician in asbestos ridden factories. The deadly disease Mesothelioma is common amongst tradespeople working in industries with heavy asbestos exposure. There […]

Read the full article | Published Feb 12, 2015
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