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Asbestos Encapsulation

What is asbestos encapsulation? Asbestos encapsulation is a process which involves leaving the asbestos material in place and treating it with a flexible sealant that forms a protective layer between the material and the indoor environment. This procedure ensures that any future wear and tear won’t cause any asbestos fibers to be released into the […]

Read the full article | Published Sep 16, 2019

Asbestos Boiler Insulation

Do old boilers contain asbestos? Asbestos containing materials can be found in various locations, both within the structure of a building and also in fixed items of plant and equipment, such as an old boiler. Pre 1984, when the UK banned the use of asbestos in boiler manufacture, boilers were the cause of asbestos contamination […]

Read the full article | Published Sep 04, 2019

Asbestos Essentials HSE

HSE Asbestos Essentials Manual Asbestos Essentials is a task manual written and provided by the HSE. The task manual is aimed at building, maintenance and allied trades of non-licensed asbestos work. It is purposefully designed to be durable, practical and small enough to fit in your toolbox so that you have it on hand to […]

Read the full article | Published Aug 27, 2019

Asbestos deaths UK

How many asbestos related deaths in the UK each year? According to the HSE, statistics show that there are currently over 5,000 asbestos-related disease deaths per year in the UK including mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis. The latest figures collated in 2016 show that there were 2,595 mesothelioma deaths, with a similar number of lung […]

Read the full article | Published Aug 21, 2019

Asbestos regulations domestic premises

What are the asbestos regulations for homeowners of domestic premises? Are you a home owner and wondering what the asbestos regulations are when it comes to domestic premises? Well, the asbestos regulations are different for domestic and non-domestic premises. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR) are directed at non-domestic properties, but can also apply […]

Read the full article | Published Aug 05, 2019

Asbestos related diseases

What are asbestos related diseases? Asbestos related diseases are caused by exposure to asbestos, where the asbestos fibers are inhaled and affect the lungs and pleura. There are various types of asbestos related diseases that a person may develop. These include non-malignant (non cancerous) diseases such as asbestosis, pleural plaques, pleural effusion, diffuse pleural thickening, rounded atelectasis and malignant diseases (cancerous) […]

Read the full article | Published Jul 15, 2019

Asbestos in Plaster Walls

When was asbestos used in plaster? Asbestos in plaster building materials (cement) was commonly used between 1940 and 1990 in the construction of many residential and commercial buildings. As such, it can still be found in many older residential and commercial buildings today. Asbestos was added to plaster up until the late 1980’s in order […]

Read the full article | Published Jun 17, 2019

Asbestos Insulation Identification

What types of insulation contain asbestos? There are different types of asbestos insulation and it varies in appearance. It was a very common material used in homes that were built in the 1950’s and 1960’s. As such, some older properties may still contain some form of asbestos insulation. Asbestos was frequently used because of its […]

Read the full article | Published Jun 10, 2019

Mesothelioma Prognosis

What is a Mesothelioma Prognosis? Doctors describe a mesothelioma prognosis as being an overall outlook for a patient who has been diagnosed with the disease. The purpose of a prognosis for the patient is that it helps to determine the different treatment options that are available and which they can pursue, including any prospects of […]

Read the full article | Published Jun 06, 2019

Woman frightened to live at home because of asbestos materials

Asbestos materials in 81 year old woman’s home are causing her concern A woman from Hull says she is frightened to live in her own council house after asbestos materials were discovered during an inspection. 81 year old Annie Rowley’s home was inspected by Hull City Council in Browning Close, west Hull, and she was […]

Read the full article | Published Jun 03, 2019

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