Ministry of defence face legal action following asbestos related death

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Ministry of defence face legal action following asbestos related death

The Ministry of defence face legal action following asbestos related death of a woman in Winsford, Cheshire.

Susan Maughan’s family are taking legal action against them following the death of their mother in 2015, which was thought to be linked specifically to a fire that occurred in 1983 at a military base near where she lived at the time.

The fire caused the spread of toxic asbestos particles.

Susan was 63 at the time of her death in October 2015, and an inquest ruled she’d died from mesothelioma.

The coroner at her inquest said that Susan had probably been exposed to asbestos as a result of the fire.

Susan’s daughters now fear that they too could have inhaled the asbestos particles as children, and could go onto develop mesothelioma.

One of her daughters, Lorraine, now aged 45, said, “I remember grey snowflakes falling from the sky onto our street and our garden. We all played in it thinking it was Christmas.”

“My mother always liked tidiness, even in her garden. I remember watching her picking up the debris off the floor and putting it into our garden bin.”

At the time of the fire, it was recorded that the fire scattered ash containing asbestos across an area of 15 miles.

The debris from the fire apparently wasn’t cleared up for five days following the fire as the army said that it wasn’t dangerous.

Fire linked to other deaths

Is is thought that at least two other deaths were as a result of the fire, after two women died of mesothelioma – Ellen Paddock and Paula Ann Nunn.

Lawyers acting on behalf of Susan’s family have launched an investigation to see if more could have been done at the time to protect local residents, including Susan and her family.

Madelene Holdsworth of Slater and Gordon said, “They have already lost their mum and now fear they too could be victims of this devastating disease. That knowledge is a terrible thing to have to live with and they understandably want answers about whether more could have been done.”

Family asking former neighbours to come forward

Susan was retired at the time of her death.

She had previously worked as a hairdresser and a cleaner and had no recollection of ever being exposed to asbestos in any of her jobs.

Her family, and the law firm acting for them, are now appealing for people to come forward who knew them when they lived on Millstream Way in Leegomery.

Susan’s other daughter, Cath, said, “What happened to our mum was devastating. She went from being this full of life person to just this empty shell and it was so painful for her at the end.”

“I do worry that the same thing could happen to us and talk quite openly about it with my family, even my children. I do get upset, but I always say I’m going to live for today and if it comes I have prepared myself.”

Source of article:- by Josh Pennington.

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Published Jan 23, 2017

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