Investigation into Yuanda UK following asbestos in Australia

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Investigation into Yuanda UK following asbestos in Australia

It has come to light that an investigation into Yuanda UK following asbestos in Australia has been launched.  They are being investigated by the HSE in order to determine whether or not they have imported building products containing asbestos.

It follows the discovery that Yuanda Australia used building materials that contained asbestos on two of their building projects, roof panels at Perth’s new children’s hospital and a high rise building in Brisbane.

The HSE told ABC that the investigation into Yuanda UK would mean conducting tests for asbestos, but they won’t say which building sites will be involved.

Laurie Kazan-Allen from the International Ban Asbestos Secretariat initially raised concerns with the HSE after she learnt about the controversy concerning Yuanda Australia.

Laurie said, “I think it’s a very good thing that they’ve (HSE) realised that there is a concern.”

“We know that trade unionists in Europe are also pursuing inquiries about Yuanda Europe to see whether products used in Europe on projects there came from the same suppliers in China.”

“Fortunately, the authorities are taking this seriously. I think they have every reason to do so when we see the furore that’s been raised in Australia and the risks that the workers are being exposed to.”

Investigation is required to be certain

The HSE contacted Ms Kazan-Allen to say they had been in touch with Yuanda UK and made enquiries in order to ascertain the company’s relationship with Yuanda Australia.

They also said that they were looking to determine “the operation of their [Yuanda UK] supply chain and the specification and quality assurance and quantity of materials it brings into the UK”.

The HSE further stated, “We are currently considering the results of sampling and analysis of selected materials from key Yuanda construction sites,”

Although it is considered to be very unlikely that Yuanda UK have imported asbestos containing materials into the UK, Ms Kazan-Allen said the investigation was required in order to be certain and allay any doubt.

She said, “I certainly hope that we find out that there is no risk because the last thing we want to do is to think that more asbestos is coming into this country.”

“We’ve used 7,000,000 tonnes of it, we certainly don’t need any more.”

Yuanda Australia sites being tested for asbestos

Following on from the discovery of asbestos being found in 2 of Yuanda Australia’s building projects, other sites of theirs are now being tested across Australia.

To date though, the sites already tested for asbestos have shown negative results, which is good news.

An independent licensed asbestos assessor has been hired to test the Australian sites and they will also conduct follow-up visits.

Source of article: by Angelique Donnellan

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Published Aug 22, 2016

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