Increased compensation for asbestos victims.

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New compensation laws brought in by the government mean that victims of asbestos related disease such as Mesothelioma can now receive up to £54,000 extra in compensation.

The rules introduced in 10th February 2015 means that people diagnosed with Mesothelioma from this date onwards will be eligible, and benefit from the increased compensation under the governments new diffuse Mesothelioma payment scheme.

The scheme means that compensation will rise from currently matching 80% of civil claims to matching 100% of claims resulting in a potential increase of up to £54,000 per person according to ministers.

The change has been welcomed by asbestos victims and their families like Chris Knighton, a widower who lost her husband to the asbestos related disease Mesothelioma in 2001. Her charity, The Mick Knighton Mesothelioma research fund has raised more than £1M for research and support through campaigning.

The scheme has paid out £19M in its initial 10 months, helping victims whose employers and insures who are liable are untraceable and therefore unable to pay out. Due to the length of time between exposure and diagnosis many employers may no longer exist. In 2013 ministers introduced legislation to provide payments to those who cannot find their employer, but the compensation was significantly lower than average which is why the scheme is so beneficial.

Ministers state that the number of people claiming under the scheme is higher than expected. Around 2100 people are diagnosed yearly with Mesothelioma with most fatalities happening within 12 months.

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Published Feb 11, 2015

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