HSE charges £124 an hour for safety inspectors visits

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Controversial plans came into force on 1st October 2012 to charge contractors £124-an-hour for visits by safety inspectors.

The Fee for the intervention scheme will see the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recover costs from companies caught breaking the law. An hourly charge of £124 for HSE inspectors time investigating and taking enforcement action. The scale of the charges has outraged a number of contractors.

One firm said: “What world are these people living in? At a time when most contractors and subbies are having to argue over charge out rates of £20 – £45 an hour, here comes your local expert at box ticking charging three or four times that.”

In response, Gordon MacDonald, HSE’s programme director, said: “It is right that those who break the law should pay their fair share of the costs to put things right – and not the public purse and firms who manage workplace risks properly will not pay.”

The hourly charge could also then be followed by a fine and court costs should prosecution be successful. Armco has over 15 years industry experience and are able to ensure your company operated within the asbestos law. We provide consultancy and advice, various asbestos related training and both Management, and Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys on any type and size of property.

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Published Oct 18, 2012

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