Housing chiefs are seeking to reassure residents over asbestos concerns

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Housing chiefs are seeking to reassure residents over asbestos concerns

Following renovation works earlier on this year, where asbestos was discovered in a block of Glasgow flats, Housing chiefs are seeking to reassure residents over asbestos concerns.

Concerns were raised by a resident pensioner following the discovery and subsequent removal works arranged by Glasgow Housing Association.

He was concerned about his and other residents safety and thinks they shouldn’t have been living there while the removal of the asbestos was carried out.

Mr Pitkedthli said: “I’ve had two heart attacks and a stroke, and I’m worried about the asbestos.  I’m not worried mainly about myself, it’s people who are older, and younger than me living here.”

“There are some kids here and you have to think about their futures too, what if they were exposed?  It’s a health hazard.  They can’t be doing the work with asbestos, with people still here.”

Hundreds of residents had work carried out to their homes whilst still living in them, after they received letters from the housing association advising them of the planned works, which were to be carried out one storey at a time.

The works were carried out on the landings of the tower blocks and each area was sealed off to the public until the asbestos was removed.

Housing chiefs are seeking to reassure residents over asbestos concerns - flats on crow rd Glasgow

Spokeswoman for housing association speaks out

Since Mr Pitkedthli raised his concerns, Housing chiefs have assured tenants and homeowners that air sampling was carried out during the work and a zero rating of asbestos was found.

A spokeswoman said, “Preparatory work for new flooring in the communal areas was carried out quickly and safely in September as part of a major £600,000 project of improvements at the flats which will see foyers and drying areas upgraded and new lighting and flooring installed.”

“We would like to reassure residents that we would never allow work like this to go ahead without rigorous precautions being put in place.”

“We are happy to meet with any residents who have any concerns to give them any extra reassurance they may need.”

Chairwoman of asbestos charity Clydeside Action on Asbestos, Phyllis Craig, said that any exposure, no matter how little, means there’s a risk of developing an asbestos related cancer at a later stage in life.

In regards to the block of flats in Glasgow, Phyllis said that it is the housing association’s responsibility to ensure that residents are safe from asbestos fibers, but in this instance it was hard to actually know whether tenants were infact being put at risk or not.

“We do know that there is no level of exposure to asbestos which is considered to be safe.”

“It is a question the tenants can raise with GHA and if they are not happy, and believe that the work does not comply with the regulations, they can raise their concerns with the Health and Safety Executive who would be the enforcing authority.”


Source of article:-  www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/14788317.Chief___s_reassurances_over_asbestos_discovery/ by Hannah Rodger


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Published Oct 25, 2016

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