Former factory worker dies from Mesothelioma

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Former factory worker dies from Mesothelioma

A former factory worker dies from Mesothelioma after having worked at a British owned factory in India for more than 40 years. Mr Shankar Dattaray Jog worked for the Turner & Newall company in Mumbai, India, making brake linings, and died in July 2016.  He retired in 2001.

He started feeling poorly earlier this year and in April had a CT scan and Biopsy which revealed cancer.  Mr Jog was subsequently diagnosed with mesothelioma.  Chemotherapy to try and prolong his life didn’t work, much to his families dismay, and he sadly lost his battle with cancer.

There were no warnings given by the company about any possible asbestos danger, and no suitable protective wear or clothing was ever provided to Mr Jog, only basic face masks.

Records indicated that the company used only chrysotile asbestos.  Mr Jog’s death from mesothelioma therefore proves that chrysotile is a killer and exposure to it can cause this fatal cancer.

Other workers exposed to asbestos

Other workers at the factory that were exposed to asbestos could have also contracted mesothelioma, time will tell, as the symptoms can lay dormant for many years.  So other families could go on to suffer the same pain.

The legal case against Mr Jog’s former employer is ongoing.  He gave strict orders to his family that he wished to proceed with the compensation case in the hope that any monies received would provide financial support for his family when he died.

The sad story of Mr Jog highlights the fact that many other factory workers and tradesmen will be prone to contracting occupational asbestos illnesses following a lifetime of work in their industry.

Hopefully his story will inspire others in a similar situation to fight for answers, and even if it’s too late for them, it may bring some sort of justice and comfort to the grieving families that are left behind.

Source of article: by Laurie Kazan-Allen

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Published Aug 08, 2016

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