Fire at derelict school spreads asbestos

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A derelict school was set alight by arsonists on 22nd May 2012 and at it’s height the blaze caused enough concern to evacuate 30 nearby houses while firefighters brought it under control. The remains of the building were later deemed unsafe and it was ordered to be demolished.

The former St Mark’s Primary School, in Muiryfauld Drive, Shettleston had stood derelict since late 2010 and after the blaze the building was deemed unsafe and a demolishment ordered. Asbestos fibres were later identified in gutters of the nearby properties and the surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, Thomsons Solicitors, which has represented many victims of asbestos-related illness, has set up a dedicated service to help worried residents, stating “Breathing in just a small amount of asbestos dust can put your health at serious risk. It’s a silent killer and can be in your system for many years before symptoms show. We’re committed to the local community and we’re on-hand to provide assistance to anyone concerned with these recent developments.”

Glasgow City Council has engaged contractors to handle the clean up, a spokesman said: “We expect the work to clean gutters to be finished within a week and we have apologised to residents for the disruption, which is the result of a fire which was started deliberately.”

Asbestos poses a risk if it is not management correctly. The Control of Asbestos Regulation 2012 state that any commercial property must have a Management Survey implemented to ensure any asbestos containing materials are identified and assessed for potential risk. The report would make recommendation to remove, repair or monitor the material depending on the type of asbestos, its condition and the usage of the area.

In addition, if any property built before 2000 is to be refurbished or demolished then a survey must be carried out to again ensure any asbestos containing materials are identified and repaired or removed following the correct procedures. Please navigate this site for more information and contact the Armco office for a competitive quote!



Published Jul 13, 2012

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