Council working with Building firm to manage and remove asbestos from homes.

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Three rivers district council in Watford has budgeted £150,000 to investigate asbestos in around 3700 homes within the district. The budget has also been specified to potentially remove asbestos from the domestic properties.

Thrive Homes bought the council housing in 2008 agreeing to pay the first £1M for asbestos removal, management and investigations. This figure was reached in 2014 after completing work on 3000 of the 3700 homes it should have and the district council authority has now began to budget for future removal of asbestos in the homes.

Asbestos exposure can be deadly; the substance is mostly present in homes and premises built before the year 2000 when it was banned. If undisturbed asbestos is not a threat to health, however if disturbed the fibres can become airborne and inhaled. This is where it becomes dangerous, with inhalation leading, in many cases to Mesothelioma and other asbestos related disease.

Whilst Thrive Homes is still responsible for doing the work, as long as they can prove the work is worthwhile and value for money they are still able to claim reimbursement from the council. The council have set aside £150,000 budget for this years work and are prepared to include in the budget the upkeep and annual cost of the asbestos management and removal over the next 14 years.

Thrive Homes has said that the health and safety of their tenants is always their priority. They work towards inspecting homes and removing any asbestos if required inline with the regulations and best practise. The regulations according to the Health and Safety Executive state that the duty holder of non-domestic properties is not liable to undertake in any asbestos removal unless it is a common area of a domestic building i.e. in the hallway of a block of flats. The responsibility to manage the asbestos in a domestic property lies on the tenant.

Although it is not their sole responsibility it is great to hear of a company actively managing the asbestosis their properties.  The plans to manage and remove the asbestos is a good move from Thrive Homes, putting the health and safety of customers and tenants first and adhering to regulations. There have been many cases investigated recently by the HSE that have not followed regulations and not managed asbestos to the legislative standards putting peoples health at risk.

If you are a duty holder of a non-domestic property built before the year 2000 it is important that you do partake in an asbestos management survey for the premises, in order to keep your employees safe.

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Published Feb 13, 2015

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