Companies House plan to delete old records causes backlash

Companies House plan to delete old records causes backlash

Well this is disturbing news that is reaching us today!  We’ve read that Companies House have plans in the pipeline that could mean that anyone in the future trying to claim compensation for asbestos related diseases could be denied!  This is going to cause untold misery to asbestos sufferers and their families.

Julie MacDougall is the founder of Fife Charity, the John MacDougall Mesothelioma Trust. Her father was a prominent MP in Fife and he died back in 2008 after contracting the asbestos related disease, Mesothelioma.

She says that the plans by Companies House to scrap all records of business that no longer exist or are no longer in operation after 6 years, will result in victims and families being denied of any justice.

Companies house currently keep records on file for 20 years following a business dissolving.

Ms MacDougall says, “It is simply a disgrace that Companies House wish to delete these crucial records after 6 years.

“Why has it become so important to do this now?

“Sadly we know mesothelioma deaths have not yet reached their peak, therefore these vital records should be left open and transparent so the companies who are responsible can be held to account for their negligence which has left families in utter devastation.

“The information held in these records is potentially the only form of justice that may be offered to victims and their families.

“The government has a duty to ensure Companies House retain these records. Workers and their families at the very least deserve some form of justice”

Calls for Companies House to rethink their plans

We couldn’t agree more, and along with many others would urge Companies house to rethink these plans.  Without these vital records, the victims and their families may never receive the justice they are entitled to.

And as mesothelioma can take many years to expose any physical symptoms, there will be many more people falling victim to this dreadful disease, meaning there will be many more claims for compensation going through the courts.

Therefore, it’s essential that these old business records are not deleted!

Source of article:  by Jonathan Watson

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Published Aug 15, 2016

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