Cleaner died after asbestos in old school building say family

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Cleaner died after asbestos in old school building say family

It is believed that after working in a secondary school for over 20 years, that a cleaner died after asbestos in old school building say family of the deceased woman.

Margaret McClounnan retired in the year 2000 having worked at the Oban High school as a cleaner for more than 20 years.

She died last August following her battle with the asbestos related disease, mesothelioma. She was only diagnosed with the killer disease in May of this year.

Margaret’s family now want to find out for sure whether or not asbestos in the old school building was responsible for her illness, so have asked solicitors to carry out investigations.

But the only way asbestos becomes a danger is when it is disturbed through building work, so solicitors will have to determine whether any renovation works were carried out at any point over the course of the 20 years that Margaret worked at the school.


Family appeal for help from colleagues

Margaret’s sisters and her sons are requesting help from her former colleagues, to see if they can help to shed any light on the case.

One of her sisters, Isobel said, “The diagnosis came as a huge shock but Margaret was determined to fight it. She also wanted to find out what caused her condition – to potentially help others and secure some justice for what happened to her.”

The solicitors acting for the family, Harper Macleod, have asked that if anyone has any relevant information that they contact them on 0141 227 9304.

The local council have expressed their sympathy to Margaret’s family and commented,  “We are unaware of any evidence to suggest that her employment contributed to her condition.”


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Published Oct 27, 2016

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