Asbsetos Management Surveys in Bury

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Asbestos Management Surveys in Bury

Armco provide asbestos management surveys in Bury and across the UK.  Asbestos Management Surveys are imperative to commercial property and business owners in properties build before the year 2000. An Asbestos Management Survey is a legal obligation if you are responsible for maintaining a property. The Control of Asbestos regulations (CAR) 2012 state that an asbestos management survey  aims to find any asbestos containing materials inside a building. The survey includes minor examinations to asses the material to see if the ACM’s will release fibres in to the air that could be harmful if they are disturbed, and if so recommendations into how they should be dealt with.

The management survey will inspect and locate Asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) that have a potential to be disturbed or damaged. Its function is to manage ACM’s and produce an asbestos register stating where the asbestos is located.

Whilst refurbishment/ demolition surveys only need to be carried out when a refurbishment, renovation or demolition of a building is due to take place, management surveys are ongoing and need to be repeated  yearly (recommended) to ensure safety for employees and check the condition of the Asbestos.

The reason we do Asbestos Management Surveys is;

When will you need an Asbestos Management survey?

All asbestos surveys, both management and refurbishment/demolition need to be conducted by trained asbestos surveyors who can competently inspect and take samples. At Armco we have over 15 years experience in Asbestos surveying, based in Bury, Manchester. If you are in need of an Asbestos Survey or would like to find out more about asbestos management surveys in Bury then we will be only too happy to oblige.   You can get in touch with us on 0161 763 03727 or fill in our contact form opposite and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Asbestos training courses

As well as asbestos management surveys in Bury, we also provide training either at our office in Bury, Manchester or at your premises, ranging from Asbestos Awareness Training to the removal of non-licensable Asbestos Containing Materials and Face Fit Testing Training.  For more information on training call us on 0161 761 4424 or visit out website and fill out the contact form





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Published Jan 28, 2015

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