Asbestos Management Survey of St Marys Deane Parish Church, Bolton, Greater Manchester.

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We have recently conducted an Asbestos Management Survey at St Mary’s, Deane Parish Church in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Each building within the Church of England must carry out a Quinquennial inspection. A Quinquennial inspection happens every 5 years and involves an inspection by an architect or chartered building surveyor that have been previously approved by the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC), a committee set up to look after the care of the churches giving advice on things like architecture and the history of the places of worship.

A Quinquennial inspection is designed to ensure that church buildings are kept in good condition and good repair. It involves a survey taking into account all aspects of the building identifying any potential problems, or catching them before any significant damage. This includes making sure the building is structurally sound and the management of any asbestos which may be present.

It is from this Quinquennial inspection at St Mary’s Deane Parish Church, Bolton that we were asked to carry out an Asbestos Management Survey. Management of asbestos in Churches in regulated by law, the Asbestos Management Survey was to ensure that the Church complied with regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR). The regulations impose a duty to manage asbestos in all non-domestic buildings including Churches. In the case of the Church, the duty holder is the PPC, Parochial Church Council, a committee of clergy and churchwardens.

The Asbestos Management Survey we conducted at St Mary’s Deane Parish Church, Bolton was to locate any asbestos that may be present and determine its condition. The duty also included keeping records up to date and providing the information to anyone working on the Church building, as well as assessing the possible risk to see if any asbestos present could be disturbed and potentially become harmful. St Mary’s Deane Parish Church, Bolton fully complied with all asbestos legislation and requirements.

If properly managed and kept undisturbed and in a good condition, there is no reason why asbestos would be of risk to people. Many Churches were constructed before the use of asbestos in construction so there is usually a low risk of asbestos in Church buildings. 20th Century refurbishments however, could have introduced asbestos into areas such as pipe lagging and heating pipes used for heat insulation.

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Published Mar 06, 2015

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