Asbestos concerns after a fire in Chesterfield

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Asbestos causes concerns after fire.

A blaze on Stone Lane, Chesterfield, at around 11.50pm on June 25, caused debris from an asbestos cement roof to fall onto a play area and land surrounding the building, which sparked a clean-up operation by Chesterfield Borough Council.

The play area has been closed off to the public until the damaged netting has been examined and the area made safe, and the council has employed an asbestos surveyor to assess the local area for contamination and to advise on removal.

It was advised that anyone nearby who found debris in their garden should contact environmental health, so that officers can then establish the extent of fall-out and co-ordinate the removal.

The council advised that the health risks from the asbestos was low whilst it remains damp and contained. Officers continued to monitor the site to ensure was dealt with appropriately.

Councillor Chris Ludlow, Chesterfield Borough Council’s executive member for environment said: “Our environmental health teams are doing all they can to make the area safe for residents.

asbestos fibers under microscope

Asbestos fibres seen under a microscope

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Published Jul 03, 2013

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