Armco launches new on-line safety essentials shop

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Armco are proud to introduce their newly launched on-line Safety Essentials shop selling various high quality personal and respiratory protective equipment at a very competitive price.

We sell various hi–vis protective equipment such a vests, body warmers, bomber jackets with an elasticated waste, parker style jackets and trousers in a variety of colours such a yellow, orange and navy.

We provide various disposable goods such as socks to wear over shoes, shoes to wear over boots, vests, boxer shorts/briefs and overalls in various colours. These more personal items are in response to guidance by the HSE as they state that when removing asbestos in an enclosure, none of the operator’s clothes must be worn underneath. We offer the overalls in three different colours to be used at the various different stages of the asbestos to ensure you are operating within asbestos approved codes of practice. Please see the following link for further details:

HSE Website

We offer a variety of safety foot ware such as men’s and woman’s trainers with steel toe caps, shoes, boots, rigger boots, wellies and specalised transit shoes. Other protective items include ear plugs, ear defenders, latex palmed gloves, heavy duty gloves, helmets, safety glasses and goggles.

At the store you can purchase various types of respiratory protective equipment such as disposable masks, Sundstrom SR100 P3 half masks, filters, storage boxes and various Alphmesh masks.

In addition ,we offer asbestos related items such as warning labels, danger signs, barrier tape, asbestos heavy duty bags in various colours, pleat filters, cloth tape, paint brushes and sampling bags.

Call the Armco office on 0161 763 3727 / 0161 761 4424 for further details.


Published Feb 07, 2014

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